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    DiRT Rally Road Book – 28/08/15

    Well it’s been quite the week here at Codemasters! On Tuesday we released our second FIA World Rallycross Update, which as well as adding three new cars, a new track and new weather conditions also added live multiplayer to DiRT Rally! We’re glad so many of you are enjoying our latest update, we’ve been busy reading all of your feedback and seeing ...

    On August 28, 2015 / By
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    DiRT Rally World RX Multiplayer Update

    Woa! It’s time for DiRT Rally’s v.0.7 update already, which this month introduces online competitive play to DiRT Rally. That’s right, you’ll now be able to head online and challenge your friends in officially licensed FIA World Rallycross events. But wait there’s more! We’ve also added a stack of new features and changes including: A new World RX track – Hell, Norway ...

    On August 25, 2015 / By
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    DiRT Rally Road Book – 21/08/15

    Greetings people of DiRT, it is I Lee your friendly neighbourhood community manager and it must be Friday because it’s time for the DiRT Rally Road Book! This week has been pretty hectic (though I seem to say that every week), the next update is almost ready to go, we’ve been looking forward to the rest of the year and pulling apart ...

    On August 21, 2015 / By


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    F1 2015 Seasons

    We’re only one day away from the launch of F1™ 2015 in the UK and Europe! This is the final stretch and you’ll all soon be racing wheel to ...

    On July 9, 2015 / By
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    Multiplayer in F1 2015

    Since we announced F1™ 2015 back in March, we’ve had a mountain of questions surrounding the multiplayer experience in the game. We know a lot of you spend ...

    On July 6, 2015 / By
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    F1 2015 Silverstone Screenshots

    Just in time for the British Grand Prix and only 7 days from the launch of F1™ 2015 in the UK, we’re pleased to share some new screenshots ...

    On July 3, 2015 / By