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    A Class Act

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. (Vehicle) CLASS is in session. Say hello to the eight vehicle classes in ONRUSH! To help prepare you all for The Stampede, which will smash into your homes on the 5th of June, we thought we’d put a little vehicle video together so you can ready yourself for the battle ahead! Each of the eight classes ...

    On April 24, 2018 / By
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    The Results Are In For The First F1 Esports Event!

    The first F1 Esports online event has now closed! Thanks to all of you who took part – we enjoyed watching you get to the top of the leaderboards, but with the event now closed, we can confirm the top ten scores for each platform. These will be racing off against each other in a 25% race around the Shanghai International Circuit ...

    On April 21, 2018 / By
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    What is ONRUSH?

    ONRUSH heralds the return of all-action, gravity defying, arcade racing. ONRUSH is not about racing to the finish line. It’s not about car set up or tyre choice. It’s all about style, flair and the feeling of performing incredible takedowns, racing on the edge of control and risking everything in an effort to take the victory for your team. No arcade game ...

    On April 15, 2018 / By


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