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    DiRT Rally Now Available in Early Access

    Let’s talk DiRT. First I want to say thank you, all you guys and girls have been awesome these last few years. You’ve been telling us what you want for what seems like forever, over on the forum there is a next DiRT game wishlist that actually predates the release of DiRT 3. There have been comment threads on gaming websites telling ...

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    DiRT Rally FAQ

    What is DiRT Rally? DiRT Rally is the latest game in the DiRT series and we’re releasing it first in Early Access for PC and asking for help from our fans to develop it over time. What is Early Access? This is how Steam define what early access is “Get immediate access to games that are being developed with the community’s involvement. These ...

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    DiRT Rally – Team Management

    Hi! Thanks for coming to our blog! My name’s Darren, and I’ve been designing features on DiRT for the last two years. It’s exciting to be able to finally talk to you all about the game we’ve been working on. We hope you like it. This is the first in a series of blogs explaining the ways in which you’ll play DiRT ...

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    F1 2015 Preview Roundup

    Following the announcement of F1 2015 at the end of last month we’ve been busy reading through your feedback, working hard on this year’s title and going on ...

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    F1 2015

    Following a dramatic start to this year’s FORMULA ONE™ season and just in time for the second round at the Malaysian Grand Prix we’re pleased to finally share ...

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    F1 2014 Season Finale Trailer

    In a few days time we’ll witness the conclusion of the 2014 Formula 1 season and one of the most intense F1 rivalries in years. 17 points separate ...

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