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    The three Rs of F1® 2019: RESPECT, REPUTATION, RIVALRY

    It’s time to talk about the three Rs of F1® 2019: Respect, Reputation and Rivalry by delving into Career Mode and the F2™ Feeder Series. Career Mode Let’s start off with F1 2019’s Career Mode, shall we? F1 2019’s Career Mode has a number of changes, not least of which is the all-new F2 Feeder Series. The Feeder Series is your route ...

    On June 14, 2019 / By
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    The DiRT Roadbook – June 14, 2019

    Hello everyone and welcome to the DiRT Roadbook! ...

    On June 14, 2019 / By
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    Codies Paddock Pass – Episode 1

    In case you hadn’t guessed, things are pretty busy around the Codemasters offices right now! With that in mind, now seemed like the perfect time to add a new way for you, the Codies community, to keep up with everything we’re working on. Every fortnight (no, not that one), head over to the Codies Blog for the Paddock Pass. Here, we’ll be ...

    On June 13, 2019 / By


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