DiRT, DiRT Rally 2.0

Learn to Drive a Rally Car with the DiRT Rally School

DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0 provide an off-roading experience like no other, and have a reputation for challenging drivers to find their limits and break them.

They can be difficult games to get the hang of initially, so let’s ease you into that with the DiRT Rally School!


The DiRT Rally School is a series of tutorial videos breaking down the complexities of off-road driving so that you can start your virtual rallying career on the right foot. We’ll go through basic driving techniques, vehicle characteristics, road variables and more. As you continue to play and learn through experience, refer back to these so that the teachings are fresh in your mind.

You’ll find the videos embedded below, and the full playlist is also on our YouTube channel. We’ll see you on the road and hopefully, on the podium.

Good luck on your journey.









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