Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • The Soundtrack of DiRT 3

    In honour of the Humble Weekly Sale, our chosen charity SpecialEffect and because it’s Friday we’ve decided to dust off the record collection and let the DiRT 3 Soundtrack play us out of the week. You can find more out about SpecialEffect and the amazing work they do over on the blog here and if you’ve […]

  • The Codemasters Humble Weekly Sale

    Today we’re pleased to let you know you can get loads of Codemasters PC games – including Operation Flashpoint, Overlord and DiRT titles, pay what you want AND help amazing videogame charity SpecialEffect with the Codies bundle in the Codemasters Humble Weekly Sale! By buying this seven game bundle, featuring titles currently selling for over […]

  • How To Be An Audio Designer

    Codemasters’ Peter Ward discusses the key skills needed for his role in sound design with Develop’s Aaron Lee. You can read the full interview over on Develop here. Sound is crucial for grounding every game world and conveying a sense of life to the player. Peter Ward, principal audio designer at Codemasters, describes what it takes […]

  • Classic F1 Liveries – Your Picks

    We’re only a few days away from getting a good look at this year’s car line-up, and with the new 2014 rules and regulations in place we suspect the cars will be looking a bit different from last year. But as with every season this change also gives the teams an opportunity to revise their […]

  • GRID 2 Reloaded

    Be fast, be first and be famous in GRID 2 Reloaded, featuring the full GRID 2 game expanded with additional content including two new circuits – legendary Spa and fearsome Bathurst – and 25 extra cars playable in split-screen, online and career mode. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race […]

  • The Great Codies Bake Off

    Our latest Behind the Scenes takes a closer look at a special club that finds itself at home within our video team. When our team of video wizards aren’t creating all the content you see on our YouTube channels they find themselves taking part in the Great Codies Bake Off, a tradition that goes back […]

  • The Great Codies Sticker Swap

    At the beginning of each New Year many of the Codemasters’ staff start a nice new notebook to help them manage their work throughout the year and 2014 is no different. Personalising them is something that is taken very seriously and you can bet that in many a meeting, eyes glance surreptitiously at colleagues’ jotters […]

  • F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition – Out now on Wii U

    Today we’re happy to announce that F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition is releasing on the Wii U and available exclusively from the Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America! The game truly is Powered Up with new content, including four extra tracks and nine accessory packs on top of the original game’s power-ups and […]

  • A Forum Update

    Since announcing new Codemasters forums at the tail end of 2013 we’ve been hard at work on the new boards. Currently we have no solid release date; however we are pushing for sooner rather than later. Our top priority is to get the forums online as soon as possible, we know how important they are […]

  • F1 2013 Classic Edition Upgrade DLC Out Now

    You can now expand F1 2013’s classic content with the Classic Edition Upgrade DLC! The bundle combines both the 1990s Car Pack and the Classic Track pack, providing you with all the extra content found in the original F1 2013: Classic Edition. The bundle contains 6 classic F1 cars, 2 iconic circuits, and a host […]