Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Codies Disco Returns

    Forged in the fire of a Friday afternoon long, long ago the Codies Disco was born. Over time it grew into a mythical beast eventually slaying its original creator and banishing him to a role working for a PR company selling laptops. The Disco was thought dead but on this day it returned to Southam […]

  • GRID Weekly Update – 28/02/14

    It was a busy start to the week for the GRID team as a fellowship of designers, producers and car handling experts travelled southbound to Kent, and more specifically to a certain track called Brands Hatch. Our purpose of visiting was to meet up with the Drift All Stars team who were kind enough to […]

  • BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio Show Visit

    Did you miss the Annie Othen show on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio yesterday morning, which was broadcast live from the Codemasters Campus? Do not fear! You can now listen to the recording on the BBC iPlayer at the following link. (Note: may not be available in some countries). (available until March 6th). Presenter […]

  • The Codies League Championship

    Our community is home to some of the best racing leagues around and to celebrate, we’ll be showcasing some of our favourites here on the blog throughout the year. But that’s not all. Today we’d like to announce our first Codies League Championship, a tournament dedicated to leagues that compete on our games! Our first […]

  • How To Be An Associate Art Director

    Codemasters’ Daniel Oxford discusses the key skills needed for his role in sound design with Develop’s Aaron Lee. You can read the full interview over on Develop here. Daniel Oxford, associate art director at Codemasters, describes the path you should take if your goal is to become a video game artist. How would someone become an associate […]

  • DiRT Fan Wallpapers

    Earlier this week we asked you why you love Rally and the response was so great that when trying to share your comments with the rest of the DiRT team, a simple copy/paste in an email didn’t do them justice. So I created a set of DiRT Fan wallpapers using some of the photos Phil […]

  • GRID: Weekly Update 21/02/14

    Anyone who has visited Codemasters HQ will likely recount tales from their time spent in the D-Box room. It’s the place where visitors get to have some fun and perhaps more importantly it’s where our weekly fastest lap competitions take place. The only downside to the room and perhaps a by-product of us not wanting […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 6 – End of the Road?

    Frustrated by our performance at the Scottish Rally we were eager to get out into the forests again. We had a look for prospective events and found the Malton Forest Rally based in Pickering, Yorkshire in early November 2012. This rally had a smaller entry and was not part of a bigger championship so we […]

  • GRID 2 Steam Sale

    It’s cold, dark and wet here at GRID HQ so to brighten things up we’re having a sale over on Steam. If you’ve not got GRID 2 yet then there’s no better time as you can pick up the game for just £6.79. Alternatively you can pick up the Reloaded Edition which comes with all […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 5 – The Scottish Rally

    To think that at this point it had been over a year now since myself and Jon set off on this journey is pretty crazy, again thank you to everybody who has been reading these diaries so far and thank you for all your comments. This is the penultimate diary entry in the series and […]