Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Codies Weekly Update 30-05-14

    It’s raining! Why is it raining? Seriously, it’s June next week and the ice cream man has only visited the Codemasters HQ once this year. All we want is to sit on the grass with a 99er but instead it’s grey skies and wet. Thankfully it’s all sunshine indoors and spirits are high so without […]

  • Pre-Order GRID Autosport on Steam

    Good news everyone, GRID Autosport is now available to pre-order on Steam! It’s been a subject that many of you have talked to us about, our Twitter account has had constant requests while the topic has been popping up with great frequency over on the Steam forums. We apologise for the delay, but it was […]

  • RyanL83’s Overtakes of the Week

    This week’s Community Spotlight shines on the incredible Overtakes of the Week series and its creator RyanL983. The weekly series is jam-packed full of incredible F1 overtakes with hundreds of players across the globe sending in their footage and hoping to land in the top 10. We love this series because it combines two of […]

  • Race Driver: GRID 6 years on!

    May 30th 2008, a date that will continue to be talked about by fans of racing games for many years to come. Within Codemasters itself it’ll always be a date that causes waves of nostalgia to wash over everyone. It was on this day six years ago Race Driver: GRID was released. It’s a bit of […]

  • Monster Energy Racing

    Monster Energy Racing have a high profile presence in Street and Tuner racing, where they have invested heavily in these edgy styles of racing. If you can secure a drive with them in the first tiers of the other driving disciplines, Monster teams are well funded and well equipped, and can propel your career on […]

  • GRID Autosport // The Story So Far

    The fact we announced GRID Autosport over a month ago is a bit of a scary thought but the launch being less than four weeks away is all kinds of exciting (if also a little scary). One of our core objectives this time around was that we didn’t want to keep anybody in the dark, […]

  • Codies Weekly Update 23-05-14

    It’s been crazy busy this week at Codemasters – not only have we released F1 Race Stars for free on the App Store, but we also have a brand new discipline video for GRID Autosport, the first of our blog posts from Rallycross super star, David Binks and a competition! So without further delay, let’s […]

  • Hi, I’m David Binks

    My name is David Binks, and I’m a not-so-tame Racing driver! This is the first of what will be a regular series of blogs I’ll be doing here at Codies. I’m a Rallycross driver by day but I’m also a huge fan of Codemasters racing games and have recently been able to lend my experience […]

  • Pirelli and F1 Race Stars Launch Competition

    To celebrate the launch of F1 Race Stars which is free to download from the App Store now and the Monaco Grand Prix, we’ve teamed up with Pirelli to offer you the chance to win a fantastic prize bundle containing: A pair of Pirelli headphones Pirelli Intermediate iPhone 5/5s bumper Pirelli iPad Smart Case Pirelli […]

  • Focus on Endurance

    It’s the dead of night and the illumination of the starting straight fades into the background, track lighting is at a minimum and the headlights from your competitors shine into the night. The brake lights in front appear, a set of red eyes staring your headlights down. Then they vanish. The car in front runs […]