Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 30/10/2015

      As many of you will have already known this week didn’t go entirely to plan. We had originally planned to release the Modern Masters pack however we were unable to do so as we hadn’t received all the necessary permissions to feature one of the cars. I know it’s been frustrating for you guys […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 23/10/15

    Hi everyone and welcome to another Road Book. We’ve been flat out in the studio getting things ready for the Modern Masters release and things are looking good. We’ve got a few bits and pieces to tie up but suffice to say it is pretty imminent. Some of you may have noticed our #FeedbackFriday last […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 16/10/15

    Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Road Book. It’s been a full on week as we get closer to the release of our Modern Masters pack. We tend to try and get everything together a couple of weeks before release to make sure that the release is as clean as possible and that is […]

  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – A Legacy Of Evil

    Evil upon you, weaklings! Welcome to another of my teachings; scribbled once more on this most curious of inventions of yours. I will never figure out the point of putting words into electrical space but your feeble brains seem to like it so it will suffice for now.  This week, I’ve decided to give you […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 09/10/15

    All good friendships should start with a ‘hello’ and a brief 100 or so word introduction, preferably on a Friday afternoon. Well hello there all, it is me your new friendly Community and Social Manager, Carla. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I started last week with so much to learn and a […]

  • There’s no place like brimstone: A brief look at the Crypt

    Darkest greetings, puny humans, I hope your week has been thoroughly miserable. Since I last scribbled on this marvellous electrical word slate, my minions have been busy terrorising the local populace with all manner of unspeakable acts and barbecuing pandas like they’re going out of fashion. I’m not keen; they’re a little tough. Not like […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 02/10/15

    Well, this week has flown by. I guess that’s partly because I took a day off to celebrate my birthday but mainly because we pushed the Flying Finland update out on Wednesday. It is always exciting to push new content out to you guys as we never really know what sort of reaction it is […]

  • Overlord: FOE – Designing the Netherghūl

    Hello feeble meatsacks and welcome to another of my musings. This week, one of the Codemasters Design Minions has agreed to scribble some words and pictures about how they made my Netherghūl appear in one of those videogame things. It’s really quite clever, you know! He was a little reluctant at first but became quite […]

  • DiRT Rally Flying Finland Update

    It’s time for version 0.8 and we are returning to our rally roots with the mighty Flying Finland pack. We’ve added 12 new stages from Finland, the world’s fastest rally and two iconic cars driven by our local heroes from one of the greatest battles in rally championship history. Add to this a new game […]