Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 18/12/15

    Hi everyone, I’m back from my holiday and it’s time for another Road Book. Suffice to say I had an awesome break from things and managed to get a lot of rest after what has been a pretty hectic year. Reviews One of the best things about coming back has been seeing the amazing buzz […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 10/12/2015

    Hello, DiRTy people. The Road Book is sneaking up on you a day early this week, since I’m out of the office tomorrow and Paul isn’t back until Monday. Rest assured the rest of the team are still hard at work on the PC patch and the upcoming console release. Say what? So, about that […]

  • F1 2015 – Updated Livery Screenshots & PS4 Patch Notes

    If you’ve turned on your PS4 recently, you might have noticed our patch arrive. There’s a lot of updates to talk about, so firstly to kick things off: sports updates and livery updates. We’ve updated car models and liveries for the following teams: Lotus F1 Team, Manor Marussia F1 Team, McLaren Honda, Mercedes AMG Petronas […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 04/12/15

    Hello DiRT Fans, and welcome to this week’s Road Book! It’s been another manic week in the studio, and we’re almost at the finish line with the next update. A lot of you have been asking when you can expect to have Winter Wonderland downloading in your Steam clients. Rest assured that it is imminent. […]