Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 29/04/16

    It’s been an interesting week in the UK, as it seems as though the Gods have been flicking through all of the weather modes over the course of a day. We started the day with blazing sunshine, and will be ending the day with a cheeky bit of sleet. Fun times! Anyway, as always, Friday’s […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 22/04/16

    Hello! And welcome to this week’s Road Book. We hope you’ve all had excellent weeks hammering your favourite rally racing game (that’s DiRT Rally, obviously). It’s a light week in terms of updates from us, but we’re still here beavering away behind the scenes. Here’s the latest from DiRT world, World Rallycross, and beyond! FIA […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 15/04/16

    We’ve just about caught up on life after all of the launch week shenanigans – so it’s back to work at Codies HQ! And you know what Friday means… It’s time for this week’s Road Book. Your feedback Thank you so much to those of you who’ve taken the time to share information, screenshots and […]

  • Codemasters welcomes the team from Evolution Studios

    We have very exciting news today. We’re delighted to announce that on the 25th April, Codemasters will be expanding its portfolio of studios to include the highly-respected and very talented team from Evolution Studios. Why are we so excited? Well, that should be pretty obvious! Over the last 30 years, Codemasters and Evolution Studios have […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 08/04/16

    WHAT. A. WEEK. I mean, just, wow. This week’s been one hell of a ride, so thanks for joining us on it! With our spectacular launch on Tuesday, a cracking night at the BAFTAs on Thursday, and a weekend of DiRT Rally with the console community to look forward to, it’s been one of the […]

  • DiRT Rally – out now!

    WELCOME! Today’s the day our DiRT family gets bigger – so hello console players! Strap yourselves in, because it’s going to be a thrilling ride. :) And PC players, welcome to DiRT Rally v1.1 – the new content is unbelievably good fun, so we hope you love and enjoy it. Here’s just a reminder of […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 01/04/16

    It’s the week before launch, and we are SO EXCITED!! For those of you who’ve pre-ordered DiRT Rally on console, congratulations – and for those who haven’t, you’ve only got a few days to get your order in so you don’t miss out on the various pre-order packs available across the board. Those of you […]