Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • The Stampede Is Coming

    Howdy y’all! It’s becoming a bit more of a regular occurrence this blog thing, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s get down to some serious ONRUSH business! As you probably know, ‘The Stampede Is Coming’ trailer has just SMASHED its way onto your screens, showcasing the absolute carnage you will experience every single time you jump into […]


    Hello again! As you all have SO MANY questions about ONRUSH we thought we’d compile a list of FAQs for you all to browse through! PC RELEASE ONRUSH will be blasting its way onto PC at a later date. We’ll keep you all updated with more information in the near future! PHYSICAL EDITION You can […]

  • Introducing the DiRT World Championships

    Surprise: we’ve just announced that the inaugural DiRT World Championships will begin next week! The brand new eSports championship gives you the opportunity to win a test drive in a stunning RX2 rallycross car in front of a huge crowd at Silverstone. The DiRT World Championships will climax with a huge live final at Speedmachine, […]

  • Speedmachine

    As we’ve mentioned, the final of the inaugural DiRT World Championships will be held at Silverstone, during the first ever Speedmachine Festival. The festival takes place across the 25th-27th May, and is all set to be one of the most exciting events on the UK motorsport calendar – so let us talk you through what […]

  • The Qualifiers – how to get involved

    For those of you who are ready and raring to go when the first qualification event kicks off on the 19th February, here are the need-to-know facts about how it’s going to work: Vehicle classes: For Rally events, you’ll be competing in your weapon of choice from the R5, Up to 2000cc 4WD category. For […]

  • Announcing the DiRT World Championships!

    The DiRT World Championships have arrived! We’re taking our search for the world’s fastest DiRT driver to global heights, with the official DiRT World Championships kicking off on 19th February. You can check out the website now for all of the details and information, but we’re here to give you an overview of how things […]