Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 31/01/2019 – Including the full DiRT Rally 2.0 car list!

    Hello DiRT fans! We hope you’re all excited for next month – after all, with it being the last day of January, tomorrow puts us firmly in DiRT Rally 2.0 territory! These last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for us as we’ve taken DiRT Rally 2.0 on tour; we started off at the […]

  • Introducing: GP Events in F1® Mobile Racing

    Update 3 for F1® Mobile Racing dares you to Race To Perfection, as GP Events makes its eagerly anticipated arrival. A brand new mode for all players, GP Events is a time-limited race series that offers big rewards to the fastest drivers. With multiple stages, tiers and loot systems, it’s something you can really dive […]

  • We’re redesigning the Codemasters Forums – read all about it here!

    Hello wonderful community! As we start a new year, we thought it’d be very exciting to also introduce… A brand new forum! Now, before you worry too much, don’t worry; all of your profiles, sub-sections, topics and post histories will remain exactly the same – we’ll just be using a different, slightly shinier underlying system […]

  • Latest DiRT Rally 2.0™ trailer showcases new World RX content!

    Today we’ve released the latest trailer for DiRT Rally 2.0! The new video, ‘World RX In Motion’, showcases the pace, intensity and thrill of playing through FIA World Rallycross Championship events. The new trailer is available to view now: Alongside all the traditional rally content in the career and historic rally modes, Dirt Rally 2.0 […]

  • GintoGaming comes to Codemasters

    I’ve been in games recruitment for over a decade and I am very aware of the lack of gender balance in the industry, particularly in games development. At Codemasters we have the ‘double-whammy’ that there are very few women in motorsport too, but we wish to tackle these challenges proactively. One of my goals is […]

  • F1® Mobile Racing – New Details on Android Devices and the Future!

    Phew! It’s fair to say the launch phase for F1® Mobile Racing on Android has been a fun ol’ ride. With a staggered release to allow us to optimise the game for more devices, we’ve been able to make over 5,000 Android devices compatible with our free-to-play F1® experience. That’s… a lot, but today, that number got […]

  • #DiRTyWinter competition winners revealed!

    Happy Monday! Well, what a few weeks it’s been – over the holidays we’ve had hundreds of entries for our #DiRTyWinter competition, and WOW were they good. We’ve spent all day reviewing each and every one of your submissions, and we’re delighted to be able to announce the five lucky winners of an exclusive DiRT […]