Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • Lancia Delta S4 Rallycross & MG Metro 6R4 Rallycross – Available now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Take to your favourite Rallycross circuit as 2 new cars make their way to DiRT Rally 2.0 today.

  • GRID – More Confirmed Cars and FAQs Answered

    The weeks continue to tick down until the launch of the brand new GRID, and it’s amazing to see the excitement and feedback from you guys around the game. Fresh off of our trip to Oviedo to catch up with Race Consultant Fernando Alonso, and last week’s deep dive into the new Career mode, we’re back […]

  • F1® Mobile Racing – Welcome to the Esports Leagues

    Think you’ve got what it takes to call yourself an esports player in F1® Mobile Racing? Time to prove it. Duel has been F1® Mobile Racing’s headline real-time PvP mode since launch, pitting players against each other in high-stakes 1v1 races. Wins equal Cup Points, and the more Cup Points you have, the higher the […]

  • The DiRT Roadbook – July 26, 2019

    Hello everyone, it’s that time of the week again, The DiRT Roadbook!

  • GRID Giveaway – WIN a Kimoa Cap Signed by Fernando Alonso!

    The entire GRID team here at Codemasters is full of champions and experts in their field, but there’s one in particular who you may’ve heard of. GRID’s Race Consultant is the double Formula One World Champion and 24 Heures de Le Mans winner, Fernando Alonso. We recently paid a visit to Alonso at his very […]

  • Codies Racing Line – July 25, 2019

    Nobody could blame you if you’ve had a little trouble keeping up with all the big Codemasters news over the last two weeks. A huge esports event, a trip to see a motor racing legend, brand new content, big reveals; all that and more has hit the headlines over the last fortnight. Yeesh… But never […]

  • F1® Mobile Racing – Update 7 Reveal and Details

    Hey team – ready to go to the next level? Update 7 for F1® Mobile Racing is all about #NextLevel, as we add a new layer of depth and fun to a host of key features in the free-to-play mobile game, out now on iOS and Android. Let’s take a peek at what you can […]

  • GRID – Career Mode Deep Dive

    Happy Monday, team. Let’s start this week on a high, shall we? For the past week, we’ve been asking for your questions on the brand new GRID’s Career mode. Now it’s time to jump right in and take you through the headline single-player mode of GRID, with details on length, progression, disciplines and what it’s […]

  • Win a signed Renault F1 Team tshirt

    Win a signed Renault F1 Team tshirt Happy Friday! We’ve got one great Friday Feeling for you today! We’ve got a Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg signed Renault F1 Team tshirt to give away (as well as F1® 2019 game merchandise too) to a lucky winner, as well as 3 sets of F1® 2019 game […]

  • The DiRT Roadbook – July 19, 2019

    Hello once again everyone and welcome back to The DiRT Roadbook!