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Chief Game Designer of DiRT and Rally Co Driver. Lover of all Motorsports.

  • DiRT Rally Road book – 11/09/15

    Another week has passed and while things have obviously been a lot quieter on the community front we have been hard at work putting the v 0.71 patch out and getting our Flying Finland pack into shape. One of the key elements of the game we are always working on in the studio are the […]

  • DiRT Rally Road Book – 03/09/15

    The weather has been horrible here all week and we’ve all been coming to terms with the fact that the summer is over and we are heading into autumn. It’s not just the seasons that are changing though. This week has been especially tough as we all knew it was @justbiglee’s last week working with […]

  • Co Driver Calls Explained

    Hi, my name is Paul Coleman and I’m the Chief Games Designer on DiRT Rally. My role on this project is to ensure that you get the authentic rally experience you’ve have been asking for. I look after many of the key aspects of the game including the Vehicle Handling, Environment Designs and many of […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 6 – End of the Road?

    Frustrated by our performance at the Scottish Rally we were eager to get out into the forests again. We had a look for prospective events and found the Malton Forest Rally based in Pickering, Yorkshire in early November 2012. This rally had a smaller entry and was not part of a bigger championship so we […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 5 – The Scottish Rally

    To think that at this point it had been over a year now since myself and Jon set off on this journey is pretty crazy, again thank you to everybody who has been reading these diaries so far and thank you for all your comments. This is the penultimate diary entry in the series and […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 4 – New Year, New Challenges

    I was really proud of everything Jon and I had accomplished in our first year rallying together. Ahead of us we had a whole new year and a new set of challenges to face, the story picks up in March 2012. The Malcolm Wilson Rally It was not only hosted by Malcolm Wilson on stages […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 3 – Neath and Grizedale

    Now the car was put together and following a successful test it was time for our first event, our story picks up in summer 2011 with a very long drive… The Neath Valley Stages After over 6 months of planning we travelled over to South Wales to compete in the first Rally event for the […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 2 – Building the DiRT 3 Impreza

    Firstly, let me say thank you for the great response to yesterday’s blog post and the story of how I met Jon. Today the story picks up in Spring 2011 and the birth of the DiRT 3 Impreza. On the 15th of March 2011 the car build got underway. Over the next couple of months the […]

  • Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 1 – Meeting Jon

    In late January of 2011 Codemasters held a DiRT 3 focus testing day with members of the DiRT gaming community. Jon Tucker, who I had started talking to on Twitter, was one of the attendees and a huge rally game fan. We had a quick chat on the day, exchanged email addresses and went back […]