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April 16, 2018

Exciting news! This week, we will be continuing our ongoing series of guest lectures with a trip to the West Yorkshire countryside and the University of Huddersfield. This follows a successful excursion to the Breda University of Applied Sciences last month, which we’ll discuss in a little more detail soon.

As many games students hit their final term in their final year of university, there’s a level of excitement and anticipation in the air as hand-working students look to translate their degrees into a career in games development. At Codemasters, we place a high value on new people and new ideas coming in to the industry, so that we keep moving forward with new talent and the next generation of game development bright sparks.

As part of this commitment, one of our Senior Economy Designers, Mike Moreton, will be giving a guest lecture at Huddersfield University on April 18th. Huddersfield Uni is one of the shining lights in producing graduates ready to take on an awesome career in games, with their in-house incubator studio particularly giving a fantastic insight into the production life-cycle of a real-world developer.

For aspiring coders, the new Computer Science with Games Programming course means that students will be focused on in-demand skills way before they apply for jobs – meanwhile the on creative side of things, the University is proud to have won a lot of awards for art, including the Aardvark Swift Rising Star Award. Pride in quality over quantity has been the departmental ethos for an impressive 15 years, with the team’s lecturers having amassed impressive accolades and years of industry experience between them. High demand for courses means that there are now 6 applicants for every place, which speaks for itself.

Mike’s lecture is titled “Service in Games”, and will explore the exponentially growing model that’s having a huge impact in the industry today. Mike describes himself as “an enthusiastic gamer who has been lucky enough to be able to take [his] passion into [his] profession” – and since joining Codies last Autumn, he has been focused on his passion of combining immersive game experiences with detailed, rewarding structures geared for a stimulating and satisfying player journey. On his time at Codemasters, Mike says: “I love games and gaming and am honoured that I get to work designing games and game mechanics that millions of other people enjoy every day”.

Codemasters’ guest lecture series is part of a long-term commitment to the growth, strength and depth of the studio’s within the Codies family. We’re so proud to be forging links directly with universities so Codemasters games development teams can continue to flourish far into the future. The depth of experience and mentoring on offer in our three UK studios means that graduates can really can race ahead in their careers, and we can’t wait to welcome this year’s intake into the family.

For those of you attending, we look forward to seeing you in Huddersfield! And please stay tuned for more Codemasters Graduates info and opportunities.

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