Our New Wheels

Welcome to the new look Codies Blog! Over the last few weeks we have been busy putting together what we think is a great-looking, easy to use blog that brings all of the content you want to read under one bonnet. The aim with the new Codies Blog is to bring all of that cool […]

Content Creators

Over the last few years it’s been great watching all the let’s play, reviews, previews and gameplay commentaries that our Community have created on YouTube. We already engage with Community websites and have done so for quite some time, but we’d now like to extend this engagement with our talented video creators and more importantly […]

Test Drivers Wanted

Fancy a trip to Codies for super-exclusive, super-secret early game access? We’ve said before that we’re really focussed on getting your feedback about our games – well, one of the initiatives we’re keen to launch is to get you guys involved at a much earlier stage. Earlier, even, than announcement… We always have various projects […]