F1 Mobile Racing

F1® Mobile Racing Esports Champion: Q&A

The inaugural F1® Mobile Racing Esports Championship recently came to its conclusion – a thrilling contest over several months, won by Italian player Matteo Pagliani. After his victory, we caught up with Matteo to get his thoughts on the championship, find out more about him, and see how he plans to use his once-in-a-lifetime prize… […]

F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals Revealed

As promised, we have some juicy information on the upcoming F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals to share with you! It’s time to fill you in on what to expect from the Finals and give you a sneak peek at some of the amazing rewards you can earn! The F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals will be split […]

Introducing: F1® Mobile Racing Esports!

Yes, that’s right: we are finally bringing Esports back to F1® Mobile Racing! But this time, it’s bigger and better – and that means it will no doubt be tougher! Our new major competitive event comes as part of Update 14 for F1® Mobile Racing, out now on iOS and Android, so make sure you’ve […]

F1® Mobile Racing – 2020 Season Cars, New Events Arrive in Update 12, Releasing May 26th

How time flies, eh? We are now moving towards the third real-world F1 season to be featured in F1® Mobile Racing! It’s been a brilliant journey, and one where we’ve always worked hard to stay in line with real world F1. That continues with Update 12, as F1® Mobile Racing out now on iOS and […]

Strap Yourselves In: F1® Mobile Racing Adding 2020 Season Content

We’re very happy to announce the arrival of the F1® 2020 season to F1® Mobile Racing, an official mobile game of the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™! With its next update, scheduled for early May, players will get access to the current line-up of teams, cars, drivers, helmets and circuits, including the brand-new Circuit Zandvoort. […]

F1® Mobile Racing Update 11 – New Physics System and New Events Revealed!

You can almost feel the new season of F1 charging into view – and to celebrate its return, we have another huge update for F1® Mobile Racing – Codemasters’ free-to-play official game of Formula One™, out now on iOS and Android. What makes update 11 so huge? It’s full of things our players love and introduces a ground-breaking gameplay […]

F1® Mobile Racing – Update 9 and F1 Esports Mobile Qualifier Details

Update 9 for F1® Mobile Racing is imminent – Codemasters’ official free-to-play F1 game, out now on iOS and Android. Whilst all our content updates are stacked full of additions and goodies, this one feels special, as we bring F1® Mobile Racing into the world of F1 Esports for the very first time! So, before jumping into Update […]

F1 Mobile Racing – Checks and Balances

With F1® Mobile Racing over a year into its full launch, it’s awesome to take a look back and see just how much our free-to-play official F1® racing game has evolved. So many of the changes and advances you will have seen in the game stem from the feedback our racers give us, day in, […]

Codies Racing Line – October 17, 2019

Engaging startup motor… Running systems check… Refreshing car memes database… ONLINE. Hello. I am the Super Automated Robot of Automotive Happiness – but you can call me S.A.R.A.H. Due to the current period of busy workloads, major announcements, and food comas caused by eating too many doughnuts at launch parties, the Codemasters Community team have built […]

F1® Mobile Racing – Update 8 Launch Notes

Surprise! Thanks to some sterling work from the team, Update 8 for F1® Mobile Racing is not just being revealed today – it’s being launched right now as well! Download Update 8 for our free-to-play official F1 game from the App Store or Play Store right now to experience the next chapter in the game, […]