GRID Wheel Support – All the Details You Need

Like all Codemasters titles, GRID doesn’t just support a wheel setup – it thrives on it. Throughout development we’ve ensured that GRID is fun, challenging and accessible for those using a wheel, pedals, or a full racing rig. Following feedback on this topic from past Codies games, we’ve made further steps to ensure you can […]

GRID – Multiplayer Modes Deep Dive

GRID’s multiplayer features are designed around giving you the same choice, action and enjoyment that GRID’s single-player modes thrive on. It’s an all-out race for glory, with near-endless combinations of superb circuits and iconic cars awaiting you. Whether you’re jumping into random races against the world, or running an all-night custom lobby with your friends, […]

Codies Racing Line – September 5, 2019

September. The most mischievous of months. The sun’s setting earlier, the air’s a little more brisk, and summer vacations are winding down. Booooo. Whether you’re heading back to school, dragging the little ones back to class, or just moaning at the bloated rush-hour traffic, it’s good to have something to get excited about at this […]

GRID – Over 40 New Cars Revealed

So, we’ve been drip-feeding you all the car list for the brand new GRID over the last couple of months. Now, though, it’s time for those drops to turn into a full-on flood. Today, we’re revealing 41 more cars coming to GRID, on launch, this October. A glance at this car list tells you that […]

#GRIDatgamescom Round-Up and GRID Post-Launch Details

What. A. Week. Let’s catch you up on it all. With the brand new GRID now just six weeks away from launch, we packed the trunk and headed down the Autobahn to Cologne, to give gamescom 2019 attendees a chance to be #LikeNoOther at the biggest gaming expo of the year. And we weren’t just […]

Codies Racing Line – August 22, 2019

Can’t stop, won’t stop. It feels like every time a new Racing Line gets penned, there’s even more big Codemasters news to talk about – and our latest issue is no exception. The Racing Line was always designed to be your one-stop-shop for all the big Codemasters headlines from the past two weeks, and with […]

Codies Racing Line – August 8, 2019

Ahh, August. What a wonderful time of the year. The sun is shining, ice cream vans are around every corner, and motorsport season is in full swing. Here at Codemasters HQ, we’re full speed ahead with big game news, reveals, and plenty of extra events with our friends across the gaming world. The last two […]

GRID – More Confirmed Cars and FAQs Answered

The weeks continue to tick down until the launch of the brand new GRID, and it’s amazing to see the excitement and feedback from you guys around the game. Fresh off of our trip to Oviedo to catch up with Race Consultant Fernando Alonso, and last week’s deep dive into the new Career mode, we’re back […]

GRID Giveaway – WIN a Kimoa Cap Signed by Fernando Alonso!

The entire GRID team here at Codemasters is full of champions and experts in their field, but there’s one in particular who you may’ve heard of. GRID’s Race Consultant is the double Formula One World Champion and 24 Heures de Le Mans winner, Fernando Alonso. We recently paid a visit to Alonso at his very […]

Codies Racing Line – July 25, 2019

Nobody could blame you if you’ve had a little trouble keeping up with all the big Codemasters news over the last two weeks. A huge esports event, a trip to see a motor racing legend, brand new content, big reveals; all that and more has hit the headlines over the last fortnight. Yeesh… But never […]