The Sound of ONRUSH

Hi everyone, I’m Tim Shepherd, Lead Audio Designer on ONRUSH, and as starting a blog is not my forte I’m just going to dive head first into the sound of ONRUSH! As you probably already know, ONRUSH’s soundtrack is quite unique. It doesn’t just play one track after another; it lives and breathes with the […]

Open Beta To GM – What Has Changed?

You’ve been talking (oh boy, have you been talking) and we’ve been listening! Ever since the ONRUSH open beta went live on Xbox One and PS4 we’ve been inundated with feedback on our forums, Reddit, Discord, Resetera and social media. You’ve been telling us what you liked, what you disliked, what you would change and […]

Are you ready for the RUSH?

Well, it’s finally here! After several thousand train hours accumulated, millions of emails exchanged and BILLIONS of memes posted on Twitter; ONRUSH launch day is finally upon us! This wild ride started on October 31st 2017 for me – the day ONRUSH was revealed to the world at Paris Games Week! Since then I’ve had […]

Join Us

By now you’ve probably seen all the screenshots, watched most of the livestreams and soaked up all the gameplay footage the internet has to offer. But now it’s your turn. We want all of you to stop what you’re doing, pick up your controller and JOIN US. But you’re not going it alone, oh no! […]

Just Beta It

You’ve been asking for a long time now… My Twitter notifications for months now have been full of ‘Beta dates?’ ‘Hey, Aaron, when’s the beta?’ ‘Oi! Beta dates! NOW!’ Well listen up you persistent people, here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for! The OPEN BETA goes LIVE at 2pm (UK Time) on Thursday 17th […]

A Class Act

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. (Vehicle) CLASS is in session. Say hello to the eight vehicle classes in ONRUSH! To help prepare you all for The Stampede, which will smash into your homes on the 5th of June, we thought we’d put a little vehicle video together so you can ready yourself for the […]

What is ONRUSH?

ONRUSH heralds the return of all-action, gravity defying, arcade racing. ONRUSH is not about racing to the finish line. It’s not about car set up or tyre choice. It’s all about style, flair and the feeling of performing incredible takedowns, racing on the edge of control and risking everything in an effort to take the […]

London Calling

As I settled into my insanely uncomfortable seat on the 10:41 from Oxford to London Marylebone a lot of ‘what ifs’ started to rattle through my mind. Deep down I knew our exclusive ONRUSH hands-on would run smoothly and be a success, but ‘what if a laptop crashes?’ ‘What if someone breaks a controller?’ ‘What […]

Race, Wreck, Repeat

Race hard. Wreck harder. Sounds like a naff slogan you’d expect to see on the back of a tacky t-shirt, doesn’t it? But it’s more than just a bunch of words. It’s the mantra of ONRUSH. In the new ‘Race, Wreck, Repeat’ trailer you can see that very mantra in action. As you can see, […]

Stampede Gameplay

‘We want gameplay angles!’ ‘POV! POV! POV!’ ‘I won’t pre-order ONRUSH until I see POV gameplay!’ Lately, I’ve been hearing these words in my sleep. So thanks, guys! Now because we love you all, it just so happens that your persistence has paid off! We talked at length about how ‘The Stampede Is Coming’ trailer […]