What Are Tombstones? // Competition Time!

Hello again! I’m back, and I’m here to talk about Tombstones! Tombstones are something you or an opponent drops whenever you wreck. But don’t worry, it’s not just a way to mock your inevitable destruction, you can use them to your advantage and smash through them to gain boost! ‘That’s great, Aaron, but why are […]

The Stampede Is Coming

Howdy y’all! It’s becoming a bit more of a regular occurrence this blog thing, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s get down to some serious ONRUSH business! As you probably know, ‘The Stampede Is Coming’ trailer has just SMASHED its way onto your screens, showcasing the absolute carnage you will experience every single time you jump into […]


Hello again! As you all have SO MANY questions about ONRUSH we thought we’d compile a list of FAQs for you all to browse through! PC RELEASE ONRUSH will be blasting its way onto PC at a later date. We’ll keep you all updated with more information in the near future! PHYSICAL EDITION You can […]

Treat ‘Em Mean Keep ‘Em Keen

Hello, folks! Long time no blog! Happy New Year! Feels weird saying that at the end of January… ANYWAY! I know we haven’t given you any news of late but you know the saying – treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen! So hopefully you’re all eager to read some HUGE news about ONRUSH, mixed in […]

A RUSH of blood to the head – my first day ON the job

Hello you! I’m Aaron, the new Social Media Manager for ONRUSH. I will be updating you all in every conceivable way about ONRUSH. On forums, blogs, social media, I’ll even come to your front door every morning to update you on what’s going on, as long as tea is provided. My pre-Codies life is deeply […]

Announcing ONRUSH – the new, all-action racing game from Codemasters. GET READY FOR THE RUSH!

SURPRISE! Today we had the absolute pleasure of announcing our new arcade racing game, ONRUSH, live on stage with PlayStation at Paris Games Week. ONRUSH will bring all-action, gravity defying racing back to the console gaming scene at breakneck speed when it launches on PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One in summer 2018. […]