Codemasters Video Policy

We love it when our players make videos using our game content, whether it’s highlights of races, spectacular crashes, instructional videos or whatever else you can come up with. So of course we are happy for you to publish these kinds of videos through YouTube, to your website and any other video sharing services or social networks.

Any content you create will be yours; you can monetise it if you wish and you’ll receive no interference from us – providing that the material you upload is largely your own content, (no simply re-uploading or posting our content), though you are welcome to use snippets of Codemasters’ official videos. The other stipulation is that you do not charge people to view content based on our games.

That said, please do not ask us to write to YouTube and confirm it is OK to post a particular video using Codemasters content – much as we’d like to respond to each request, it’s simply not possible. We instead suggest that you point them in the direction of this page which outlines our permission and enthusiasm for you to post videos using our game content.

This policy is only our policy – so it’s important to note that if you include someone else’s content in your video, such as music, you’ll have to get permission from them.

We hope you enjoy our games and we hope you enjoy making videos of them.