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January 16, 2014

Since announcing new Codemasters forums at the tail end of 2013 we’ve been hard at work on the new boards.

Currently we have no solid release date; however we are pushing for sooner rather than later. Our top priority is to get the forums online as soon as possible, we know how important they are for you and rest assured they are just as important to us.

The Codemasters forums are set to play an important role in 2014 and coupled with our new blog they will help play a huge part in how we interact with you, our Community.

While we’ll continue to have an active presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we understand the benefits the forum brings and as such the emphasis is on moving it forward.

Last summer our forums played a pivotal role in the GRID 2 Community Patch along with the release of the free Demo Derby DLC.

Last summer our forums played a pivotal role in the GRID 2 Community Patch along with the release of the free Demo Derby DLC. It’s the feedback we receive from our Community that really makes the forums a special place; the ability to tap straight into the wants and needs of you, our players, makes them an incredibly valuable tool.

“Tell us the features” we hear you say

One of the big focuses for the new forums is usability and we’re confident that the new solution we have chosen will provide a toolset that allows you all to discuss, create and share content with everyone else in a quick and easy way. All the standard features that you’d expect are present, with improvements in numerous areas such as quotes, avatar management, user profiles and signatures.

The new forums will also offer us advanced options in terms of preventing spam, abusive members and other aspects of moderation. We understand that one of the key areas is to ensure that a friendly environment is maintained, nobody wants boards filled with spam or arguments and we’ll now have the tools to help prevent and more importantly react a lot faster.

Talking of moderation, this brings me onto my next point.

As with any forum the moderation aspect plays a critical role and moving forward I’m pleased to confirm that we will be enlisting the help of Moderators from the Community, but more on that in the weeks ahead.

Not long now

As touched upon above we’re working incredibly hard to bring the forums online and we’re hopeful that it won’t be too long before you’re once again making threads. We’ll bring you a further update closer to launch, along with a sneak peek of how the forums themselves will look and work.

We can’t wait to see you on the boards once more!

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