Codies Racing Line: January 14, 2021



January 14, 2021

Are we still allowed to say ‘Happy New Year’ in the middle of January? Well, it’s the first Racing Line of the 2K21 and you can’t stop us, so: Happy New Year! We hope your festive period was filled with rest, recuperation and, above all, racing. If you found your first Codemasters game under the tree, or generated it from the funds of the generic gift card your distant relatives send over every year, congrats – welcome to the club.

Whether you’re new around here or a Codies veteran, we’ve made sure that your first fortnightly update of all the big Codemasters news and content in 2021 has something for you. Live events, new content drops, community highlights and much more are just a scroll or two away, as we begin another trip around the sun at full speed. Hold on tight, team…



Welcome! Yes, I know: January often isn’t the most delightful month of the year, as we desperately try to rediscover a sleeping pattern and regret all that food we ate. If you, like myself, aren’t quite ready to let go of the festive cheer just yet, head into DIRT 5, where our free slate of Snow Limits content remains available to all players.

2020 was big for DIRT 5, but we’re dead-set on making sure 2021 is the one. To make that a reality, we’re already giving you details on what sort of content you can expect to see added to the game as the year goes on. Check it out:

Alongside these additions will be constant tweaks and changes that are driven by the feedback of all DIRT 5 players; not just fixes, but extra features and options that you have asked for, and we’ve set aside time to add. Want to be a part of that process? The best way to get in touch with us is always through the game’s official Discord server. I’m online each weekday to take your questions, check out your requests, and have a general chit-chat with the community.

Want some more details? Not a problem – in late-December, I sat down with Development Director Robert Karp to go over DIRT 5’s journey so far, and preview what’s to come. Fortunately, we recorded the whole thing and dropped it on YouTube:

Whilst the team work hard on polishing up the first content drop, we’re continuing to send DIRT 5 goodness your way – Playgrounds of the Week (and Month!), photo mode contests, 4K cockpit cam gameplay, and much more. Keep racing, creating and sharing, and get ready for a fun ol’ year.

– Chris


F1 2020

Hi, happy new year, and welcome to the first Racing Line of 2021! If you celebrated, we hope you had a great holiday – it’s back to work for us, and we have plenty of things for you!

F1® Esports Pro Series

Wow, we were treated to a GREAT finale! Spoiler alert from here on in though!

Jarno Opmeer was crowned 2020 F1® Esports Pro Series champion, after coming home seventh in the season-closing race in Brazil. The Alfa Romeo Racing OLREN F1® Esports racer held a 16-point advantage over nearest rival Frederik Rasmussen, but after he failed to score, Opmeer’s mid-pack finish was more than enough to seal the deal. Whilst missing out for on the title for the second year in a row, Rasmussen’s success helped Red Bull Racing Esports team retain their teams’ title for another season.

The finale was tense, nail-biting, and a lot of fun – and you can watch the last race of the season here:

F1® Esports Challengers

The 2020 season may have finished, virtual podiums celebrated, and champion crowned, but there’s plenty of esports action to come! Just before Christmas, the F1 Esports Challengers started in earnest. What is the Challengers, I hear you ask! The Challengers is the gateway to the F1 Esports big leagues and the possibility of being signed by one of the official F1® Esports teams!

16 players qualified on each platform by taking part in the ‘F1® Esports’ specific events we held in F1® 2020 in October and November (we’ve written a lot about them in the Racing Line!) Each platform has its own 10-race Challengers championship, racing in equal-performance cars, and the top six will earn a place in the next stage. That means 18 very talented virtual F1® 2020 drivers will be heading forward from the Challengers.

Event One got underway through the week of 21st December; find out what happened here, as well as catch up on all the livestreams!

Beginner’s Guides

New to F1® games? Found F1® 2020 under your Christmas tree and need a bit of help? Or maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you’d like a quick refresher? We’ve got just the thing for you – our beginner’s guides. We released this guide on the racing line just before the festive break:

You can check out our YouTube playlist of guides right here. We’re adding to this all the time, so we recommend you bookmark it!

See you next time!

– Jenny



Hi everyone, PJ here with a quick Rally update:

DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Grand Finals

This weekend we were set to host the finale of the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series, live from Autosport International in the UK. For obvious reasons, that’s not going ahead – however, we have solidified our plans for the Grand Finals to still take place.

Instead, join us on February 27 from wherever you are in the world, as we host a virtual final and see the best rally and rallycross players in the world compete for glory. Our team and partners are spending the next few weeks ensuring all of the participants are adequately set up with the right hardware, guaranteeing an even playing field.

For more information on the World Series and its competitors, head here.

In the meantime, the prize car for the Qualifiers (the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII) has been unlocked and can be driven in-game by all players. Keep an eye out for it in the Garage section of the game as it can be purchased with in-game currency, just like any other car.

That’s all for now, good luck out there on the road.




Hello racers and welcome to the first Racing Line entry of 2021 from the Slightly Mad team! I hope you had plenty of down-time and stuffed your face with delicious food. As for us, it’s business as usual in the world of Project CARS, with plenty of exciting things coming your way.

Future Content

Many of you in the community have been asking about the future of Project CARS 3. I can confirm that we’ll continue to support the game with regular updates along with two more DLC packs with brand new cars, customisation items and free tracks. More details on this will be share when the time is appropriate.

Catching Up

Since the release of Project CARS 3 last August, the team has been busy rolling out content for you to enjoy outside the game. Take a look at the blog section of our website to read about historic racetracks and legendary cars, and learn about various other aspects of the game.

We’ve also got something new for you—playlists containing tips on how to master the craft of car control, how to achieve a clean lap in Rivals Mode, and setup advice. Get stuck in!

And that’s it from me this week. If you want to ask me anything, look for me on our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates.



Pop open that bubbly and let the confetti rain down – we have our first ever F1® Mobile Racing Esports champion! Congratulations to ‘PAGLIA’, Matteo Pagliani, who outlasted over 60,000 other players and 3,500 Grand Finalists to take home the crown.

Get this: Participants from over 170 countries took part in the event, with well over 100 million minutes of racing action and 10 million Duels! The competitive action of our free-to-play official F1 game on iOS and Android went up another notch in this special event, so thank you to players old and new for taking part.

Of course, the action doesn’t stop in F1® Mobile Racing, and there’s plenty to get stuck into right now if the Esports event left you wanting even more. Now open is the Community Challenge GP Event – a five-round competition using tracks selected by our players. Set your best times on a quintet of iconic circuits, see where you rank against the rest of the world and earn yourself some big in-game rewards. Good luck!



  • Thank you to everyone who took part in our Humble Bundle event over the festive period, running from December 22 to January 5. Through purchases of our games, almost £65,000 has been raised for Access Sport – a fantastic charity focused on empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the power of sport. Again, thank you for playing your part.
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