Codies Racing Line: January 28, 2021



January 28, 2021

Hey everyone,

As always, thank you for joining us for the latest fortnightly round-up of all the big news, reveals and info on Codemasters titles. We probably go on about it too much, but we can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all of our players for joining us on the road during this time. In a period of separation and isolation, we hope that your experience playing Codies games has helped you connect with others, or simply just put a smile on your face. That’s what it’s all about!

Whilst you do the gaming, we’ll do the other stuff – you know: the coding, the producing, the developing, the hype-train conducting. This time around we have some special feature videos, community highlights, and some major announcements. You ready? Of course you are…


Let’s get straight to it, team – we know you’re as excited as we are about DIRT 5’s next update and new content, and we have plenty in the works to show you as soon as possible. No official info just yet on this; we’re tidying things up and making sure everything is ready to go before spreading the word. Whilst the team have been working away on that next update, we’ve been putting together plenty of content to help, guide and entertain you lovely lot between your Career playthroughs and Playgrounds sessions.

Speaking of which, our custom arena creator mode has been alive with your designs and fast times since launch, but we also understand that such a vast mode can be difficult for some players to get stuck into. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a video guide to help those players with Phil Maggs: Development QA Technician on DIRT 5 and a total whizz at designing a Playground. Over 24 minutes of footage is now live for you to check out, with some handy tips for getting started and a few of the best creations so far to take inspiration from:

Ice Breaker events are another aspect of DIRT 5 that offers a little extra challenge than others, so if you’re looking for tips on mastering the ice, check out the video guide and article from RacingGamesGG and ConnerSpeed6. Elsewhere, we’ve been continuing to post some Time Trial gameplay in glorious 4K and cockpit cam – something that looks even better if you get the chance to run it with triple monitor support. Just ask Linus Tech Tips.

Oh, and before I hand over – gongs! We’re delighted that DIRT 5 has been nominated for Racing Game of the Year in the 24th DICE Awards. Congratulations to the entire team, thank you to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and thank you for your incredible support so far!

– Chris


F1 2020

Hello there! Welcome to this week’s Racing Line. It’s not even the end of January, but we have SO MUCH to update you on!

Podium Pass Series Four

Series Four of our Podium Pass has started off in style, with a whopping 30 new levels of free and VIP items for you to unlock, as well as plenty more challenges for you to try out. We’ve packed a huge amount of interesting items into this series, and you can check some of them out in the trailer below:

Gloves, helmets, suits, liveries, podium emotes and more are waiting for you this season – and you can take a closer look in our blog post.

Driver Ratings Update

The final chequered flag fell on the 2020 F1® season in Abu Dhabi, and we updated our end-of-season driver ratings to reflect the real-life action. How have they changed? Lando Norris has seen the biggest overall rating increase, with a steady hand guiding his McLaren to two top-five finishes in the last four races. After keeping his nose clean (and nose cone on), Lando’s Awareness rating jumps by five, with his Pace and Overall Rating going up by two. Esteban Ocon and George Russell saw ratings increases as well. The last two races of the season weren’t the best for Charles Leclerc, though, and his turn four tangle with Max Verstappen at the Sakhir Grand Prix earned the Ferrari driver a three-place grid drop, which contributed to his Awareness dropping.

Read more about the final ratings here.

F1® Esports Challengers

New year, new esports action! The second event of the F1® Esports Challengers on each platform has been getting underway this week, and we’ve been treated to some incredible action already. This week, head here to watch the PS4 races, and head here to tune into the Xbox races. Make sure you join us tonight from 7pm GMT at, where the PC competitors will be taking on Zandvoort and Spielberg in the race for a place in the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition!

We’ll leave you with this incredible overtake from Niklas Clasani in Tuesday night’s Challengers event…

See you next time!

– Jenny



Hello everyone,

It’s a quiet week in the land of Rally, so here are a few things from around the world you might fancy taking a look at:

While presenting the Monte Carlo Rally coverage last week, the crew at DirtFish took a tour around BGM Sport, who house a large collection of vintage rally cars. Codemasters and BGM Sport go a long way back, with many of these very cars being recorded for use in our games. If you want to learn a little more about the cars you drive every day in-game, give it a watch.

Another essential piece of viewing for rally fans is SUBARU’s excellent series ‘Launch Control’, which is now in its eighth season. The documentary series focuses on the factory SUBARU team from Vermont SportsCar, who in addition to many fine rally cars have built the SUBARU rallycross cars you see in DiRT Rally 2.0 and DIRT 5. They’re a few episodes in, but here’s the first.

Finally, some gameplay. Here’s a world record run of Argentina in the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII, driven by one of our World Series finalists. There are certain locations in the game (mainly Scotland) where I feel I am pretty quick, but that doesn’t come close to what Jarod is doing here. Enjoy.

See you all soon,

– PJ



Hello racers – welcome to another Racing Line blog. If you’re still recovering from the festive period, you’re not alone – and that may help explain why we’re lighter than usual on news this week – or at least, that’s my excuse since the team are all hard at work on the DLC pack coming soon! But let’s start this week by changing perspective.

A Different Perspective

Take a look at this special Project CARS 3 trailer that was created by Bandai Namco for our fans in Japan. It’s a different take on what racing games can mean to different people – exploring the journey of driving and reminding us that, sometimes, a relaxing tour in a classic car can be just as exhilarating as pushing modern machinery to its limits on a racetrack.

Show Us What You Got!

There are so many creative fans in the Project CARS community, and a lot of you have been sharing incredible shots taken using the game’s Photo Mode. Here are some of my personal favourites to inspire you.

Every week we share the best shots on our social media pages. Sending your images is as easy as using our #ProjectCARS3 hashtag, or posting them directly on our official Discord page. Come join in the fun!

Image by @Frtluan92

Image by @NasserHomsi

The awesome HKS Skyline shot above is also taken by our community, from Chris25551.

And that’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates.

– Fernando


With the real-world F1 calendar in the middle of the off-season, the F1® Mobile Racing team are continuing to offer you thrilling live action to keep you going until race one of 2021. Jump in now on iOS and Android and check out the new ‘Asia Tour’ GP Event – Japan, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Bahrain, China and Vietnam make up the marathon six-circuit event, where you’ll compete against scores set by players across the globe. Nail those qualifying laps and reach the finish line first to climb the leaderboard and earn some huge in-game prizes.

The Asia Tour follows our Michael Schumacher celebration event, won by ZERO43 with some incredible times and scores. Regular live GP Events will be available all year round in F1® Mobile Racing, alongside our ever-competitive Duel leagues and more special events – plenty to keep you going through the winter break!

– Chris


For those of you who don’t know, Racing Ahead is Codemasters’ content creator program featuring a diverse roster of global content creators. We work alongside some of the best racing creators out there to give them the opportunity to share our latest releases to you, their fans, as soon as they’re available.

What we love about Racing Ahead is the variety in the videos these creators make. Over the last few weeks Deoxide shared an incredible DIRT 5 edit that made everyone here burst into laughter but also, ConnerSpeed6 shared his valuable tips on creating the best Playgrounds arenas in a recent tutorial.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as more Racing Ahead coverage goes live; we’ll be sharing more of our favourites in future Racing Line entries.

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