Codies Weekly Update 30-01-15



January 30, 2015

Woah! It’s dusty in here… Now where did I leave the… Ahhh, there it is… *tap* *tap* this thing on?

Hello and welcome to the very first Codies Weekly Update of 2015. I’m Lee and I’ll be your Captain today, if you direct your eyes to the front of the cabin, you’ll see Luke and together we make up the Codemasters Community Team.

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back in touch after Christmas. Don’t mistake it for having nothing to talk about; it’s more like having lots we can’t talk about… Yet!

Before I get started we thought it might be a good idea to give you a rundown of all the places you can find us and our games on the web, so you can make sure you’re following and liking us in all the right places.







Formula 1






Toybox Turbos




Not forgetting the Codemasters Forums, which is the best place to find fellow Codies fans both old and new. We chat about our games, other people’s games, F1, Rally, Touring cars and stuff. Seriously there is a “Stuff Thread” for just… Stuff.


It’s been a great start to the new year as far as new cars and liveries are concerned, here are some of our favourites from the world of Formula 1 and Rally so far.

 ferrari  force-india  lotus mclaren mercedes ds3williamsfiestai20polo Yaris-WRC_Studio_2

Tweet of the Week

We think @C64Endings just might have more of our back catalogue than we do. Also, I spy a Dreamcast.



Video of the Week

Evanzo27 has been working his way through the original Colin McRae Rally. Here’s episode 8 from Greece.

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s is courtesy of Tex-Rec and GRID Autosport


And there you have it, the first weekly update of what should be a pretty exciting 2015. Thanks for coming; we’ll be back next week.

… Oh I almost forgot! It’s sunny but cold in case you were wondering.

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