The Great Codies Bake Off



January 20, 2014

Our latest Behind the Scenes takes a closer look at a special club that finds itself at home within our video team.

When our team of video wizards aren’t creating all the content you see on our YouTube channels they find themselves taking part in the Great Codies Bake Off, a tradition that goes back a number of years amongst the team and is one that has the rest of us looking on with cake envy.

I caught up with the video team recently to get some inside info on this exclusive club, and of course to find out where all the cakes are kept.

First up, would you like to introduce yourselves, what you do here and maybe your signature dish?

[Sam] I manage the video team. Probably my best baking achievements were the Nutella Brioche rolls. Although I’m probably best favoured for the birthday cakes I make for everyone’s birthday!

[Alex] I’m Alex Harvey, Assistant Video Editor. I think it would be more relevant if I got my girlfriend to explain what my signature cake dish is…As I rarely actually do the baking, but regularly take the credit for her cooking!

[Jim] My name is Jim. I don’t really have any cooking skills to speak of which means the others in the team continue to encourage me to produce at least something.

[Tor] My signature dish would have to be Keylime Pie!

[Amandine] I’m an anonymous honorary member of the video team for half an hour, every week (for baking purposes). As for a signature dish: I’m tempted to say “lasagna”? :) 


Can you tell us a bit more about the Great Codies Bake off, how did it start?

[Sam] It started with an amazing creation by Eddy, (he made a large batch of Italian trifles served individually in small glasses for an F1 Online launch party buffet).

In reply to this, Tor was inspired to share with us her Key Lime Pie talents. We’re a competitive lot and it turns out, pretty good at cakes, we’ve been making cakes in turn pretty much every Thursday since!

[Ben] What would be your favourite creations to date?

[Alex] My Favourite creation to date would probably have to be the mince pies of Christmas 2012!

[Jim] My favourite creation was served up recently. Because my birthday is an official state secret, Sam spontaneously made me an ‘Unbirthday Cake’. And jolly nice it was too.

How have you managed to keep the Bake off a relative secret, cake doesn’t tend to last long in the office we find?

[Sam] Our dirty little secret is getting out very quickly, we’ve been bribing too many people possibly!

[Amandine] First rule of the Bake Off: don’t mention the Bake Off. If this fails, resort to cake bribery.

The ultimate question, Jaffa Cake – a cake or biscuit?

[Tor] As Mary Berry would tell you, it is clearly a cake, as cakes start soft and go hard when stale – unlike biscuits which start hard and go soft!

[Sam] Silly question, cake obviously.


Thanks all, and a special nod to Jim whom when questioned about Jaffa Cakes produced a response that came accompanied with graphs, that’s dedication to the cake off.

We’ll bring you more from behind the scenes of Codemasters HQ in the coming weeks, now if you excuse me I’m off to eat some…uhm, brief in a new video.

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