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February 28, 2014

Did you miss the Annie Othen show on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio yesterday morning, which was broadcast live from the Codemasters Campus? Do not fear! You can now listen to the recording on the BBC iPlayer at the following link. (Note: may not be available in some countries). (available until March 6th).

Presenter Annie Othen came in to speak to us about how video games are made as part of their special week of programmes under the “Made in Coventry and Warwickshire” banner which has been highlighting and celebrating different aspects of local businesses with a focus on offering insight into the hard work which goes in to producing the final product.

If you’d like to skip to certain parts of the show, here’s a basic timeline:

  • 11 mins: Introduction, history of the company, with Rich Eddy and Clive Moody
  • 23 mins: Newspaper review with Leasal, Clive and Rich
  • 40 mins: Gold! Always believe in your souuuuuuulllllll

  • 47 mins: Talking with Nathan Fisher about art in games, plus we reveal the especially made BBC Coventry &Warwickshire Aston Martin
  • 1:06 mins: Audio in games interview with Pete Ward
  • 1:18 mins: Interview with Becky Crossdale and Anna Ljundberg about women in the games industry
  • 1:41 mins: Talking DiRT with Paul Coleman and Jon Tucker
  • 1:50 mins: Interview with Simon Miles on recruitment and getting into the industry
  • 2:05 mins: Abbraaa, abraaa cadabra
  • 2:07 mins: Phil Warner discusses the special myGaze eye tracking device
  • 2:38 mins: You can skip this part, it’s me with my posh phone voice talking about the community/social networks and the importance of them ;)
  • 2:45 mins: Driving on the D-box with Gehan who also talks handling

The show ended with Annie getting to have a go on our D-Box, which was a first for her and we’re sure you’ll agree it definitely got her adrenaline going! Check out the photos from the show in the gallery above.

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