Codies Racing Line – February 20, 2020



February 20, 2020

Don’t worry – we were freaked out by the date and title as well. 20/02/2020. Yikes.

Despite a date like this probably triggering some kind of apocalyptic scenario, the Codies team have waded through the storms and the rubble to keep delivering the gaming goodness we all need. From new video guides for budding rally specialists, to a huge GRID content drop and everything in between, there’s plenty here to keep you indoors and safe from the elements.

So, dissolve that solution into your hot drink, grab a few more Twinkies from the supply shelter, and kick back for another Racing Line…


F1 2019

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the start of the F1 2020 season!The last two weeks have been all about teams revealing new cars and new liveries. Each of the ten Formula 1 teams took the time to share their new designs for the upcoming season. Have you got a favourite already?

On top of that, pre-season testing begun this week and our team were there in sunny Barcelona to see the first session get underway. You can see some of the photos and videos we took in Spain over on Twitter.

F1 2019 saw Patch v1.21 go out across all platforms, fixing some small issues that were reported. Details of the patch can be found here and if you want some more in-depth info then head to our Forums.

Finally, some of our talented players have been busy recreating some of the most iconic photographs and moments of the past 12 months in F1 2019’s Photo Mode. We love seeing them, so keep them coming and yours could be the next to be shared.

– James 



Season 2 is now live for GRID on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – our biggest content update since launch, with new goodies for all players and some Ultimate Edition exclusives. For the full breakdown, check out our Season 2 showcase, with new gameplay of all the fresh content. Included in the new update is a new circuit in the Red Bull Ring, available to all players – making it a pretty good time to sit down with Red Bull Games to go through the new content drop, and take a deep dive into the Austrian track coming to GRID.

Now, for something really cool. Ahead of Season 2’s launch we sent an exclusive version of GRID to the brilliant Don Joewon Song – content creator virtuoso and proud member of Codies’ Racing Ahead program. DJS put his racing prowess and video creation wizardry to the test with this stunning overview of all Season 2 content. Feast your eyes on this:

The reaction to Season 2 from the community has been brilliant; on launch day I dropped into Session Search on PS4 to find a few sessions using the new cars, and had an absolute blast in some public lobbies. For realsies: There’s never been a better time to find out what #LikeNoOther is all about.

Oh, and just because all the above has dropped, doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. Keep an eye on all GRID channels this Friday for news on the game’s next update, which addresses some more community-requested changes and features.

– Chris 



Greetings citizens of Planet DiRT,

We’re currently in the quiet period between the end of Season 4 and the release of the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack, but there’s still a few things I’d like to draw your attention to:

Last week we dropped the DiRT Rally School onto YouTube. This is a set of seven videos presented by Jon Armstrong which teach you the basics of rally driving. If you’re new to DiRT Rally 2.0 or need a refresher, give them a watch.

Earlier this week, we made a ‘new’ car available to players. The BMW M2 Competition, which was previously exclusive to World Series Qualifier participants, can now be purchased in My Team. The M What? Let HenrikM show you right here.

Is your computer like a Lancia Stratos and still running on Windows 7? You may have found yourself unable to connect to DiRT Rally 2.0 in recent weeks. This can be resolved by updating your security settings through a Microsoft patch file you need to install; more info here.

That’s it for now –  keep an eye out for more FLAT OUT images and news in the coming weeks.

– PJ


It’s brilliant to have fresh F1 action back on our TV screens – and on our mobile devices! Whilst F1 Testing for the new season is up and running, Update 10 for F1® Mobile Racing is also live, which has introduced a clutch or brand new, unique GP Events for players to get competitive in. Today, in fact, our next event opened up: the 0 PI Challenge, which levels out the performance of every player’s car and creates a true test of pure racing talent. Expect more one-off events to drop over the coming weeks!

Looking further into the future: as we’ve mentioned a few times, there are big plans for our free-to-play official F1 game in 2020, much of which will be aligned with the real-world season. We’re keen for players to help guide new changes and features, so stay tuned to the game’s social channels before the new season gets underway, for a new initiative never seen before in F1® Mobile Racing. Exciting times…

– Chris 



  • Diversity matters in any workforce and walk of life. Codemasters is committed to further fostering an inclusive, diverse environment, which is why we’ve recently signed the ‘Raise The Game’ pledge. A Ukie initiative that encourages, celebrates and promotes positive initiatives and behaviours within the gaming industry, #RaiseTheGame is something Codies is proud to be a part of. Find out more at
  • Here’s your regular reminder that Codies is hiring! We’re looking for talented, ambitious folks from all walks of life to join the team and work on a number of departments and expertise, including an ambitious new project. Head to our Careers page to see our current open vacancies.
  • Links incoming! For all three of our active titles right now, you can download a free trial and take them for a test run before grabbing the keys permanently. Try out the trials for… (large intake of breath) F1 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One, GRID on Xbox One and PS4, and DiRT Rally 2.0 on Xbox One and PS4. Phew!
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