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March 8, 2019

In honour of International Women’s Day 2019, we’re spending this week celebrating the wonderful women of Codemasters! This morning we’re sitting down with Licensing Administrator, tea-drinker and cat-lover Mandy Fairbrother to talk cars and bananas (no, really).

Hey Mandy! So tell us: what do you do at Codemasters?

I am a Licensing Administrator, so I’m responsible for making sure everything in-game is licensed and OK to use! In our department we also do a lot of research about the cars and brands, so I often spend hours at a time looking through cars, which depending on the model, can be quite fun.

Sounds it! So how long have you worked here?

I’ve been here for 21 months!

How did you get into the games industry?

It was unintentional, really. I was incredibly miserable in my old job and looking for something new, and my partner (who has worked here forever) mentioned the job. I never thought I would get it. Now I love working in this industry, despite never being much of a gamer. It’s certainly increased my interest in gaming, and my son loves racing games, so it’s perfect really.

What does a day in your job look like?

Lots of tea. Lots of emails. The work varies depending on how far through a project we are; at the moment I am mostly dealing with approvals – sending assets to licensors for approval, going back and forth between them and our artists to make sure everything looks right.

I’m currently trying to arrange for a car to be scanned that is going to be in one of our DiRT Rally 2.0 service updates – however this car is stuck to a wall in a museum somewhere, so it’s going to be a fun job for the Vehicle Art team!

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

DiRT Rally 2.0. It’s my first project that I’ve worked on from start to finish, and it’s lovely seeing all the reviews and positive comments about it.

One of my favourite car liveries in the game is Roger Clark’s Ford Escort MkII. Getting the ‘Cossack’ logo signed required a lot of detective work and actually took almost a year to get fully signed! I knew the livery wouldn’t look right without it – so I persisted and that persistence paid off.

Also, the VW Golf MKII was one of the first cars I researched for this project. I got one when I passed my driving test and it has always been my favourite car. Researching it was a dream job and made me want to buy one again!

What are you playing at the moment?

Well, I’m not much of a gamer and the only consoles I own are an Xbox 360 and Sega Megadrive. I had a SNES but it broke. I’m stuck in the 90s when it comes to gaming – I love Sonic, Mario and Streets of Rage. I play Pokémon Go every day though, does that count?

What’s your favourite bit about your job?

I work with some really lovely people, and some really lovely licensors, and I get a sense of achievement when things get done. Also, we get free bananas. What’s not to love?
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