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March 11, 2019

Following on from International Women’s Day last week, we wanted to introduce you to more of the wonderful women behind some of your favourite Codemasters games. Today we’re talking to Talía Gual, one of the UI Artists here at Codemasters HQ!

Hey Tali! So tell us: what do you do at Codemasters?

I’m a UI Artist! I create engaging menus and interfaces.

And how long have you been working here?

Just over three years now. I had the opportunity to move from Spain to the UK for this job.

How did you get into the games industry?

Around the time I was studying Graphic Design, apps and mobile games started to be a big thing. It was an opportunity to make something small and casual, so for my final project I got together with other students and we made a mobile game. After some years I landed a position in an AAA studio which was my goal all along. Console and PC is what I am most passionate about and what I want to focus my career on.

What does a day in your job look like?

My day usually starts by wrestling for a seat on the company minibus! At work, I get the latest build, get a tea and check my tasks – it all depends on what phase the project is at, but usually I’ll be making screens and features, reading the design, mocking-up wireframes and dressing them up with art, implementing and adding animations with our tools so code can make it work in game. I also go to meetings, stand-ups, and have constant on-going conversations with other members of the team. Our studio has a gym and beautiful surroundings, so we go for walks, play frisbee, football, frolic!

How did you get into UI?

I started doing 2D and part of it involved doing UI as well. I had a lot of fun with it – creating something the player interacts with, solving issues and making it work. I realised that UI had a bit of everything – typography, graphic design, game design, UX, code, even VFX and 3D/2D Art. It was perfect for me; I fell in love with it really.

We hear you’ve got a soft spot for typography – if you had to pick, what’s your favourite font?

That’s hard to answer! It changes over time. Any font that is well built is always a contender. For our last project we used DIN. I love it! So many games use it – it’s so distinctive that once you can recognise the font you will see it everywhere.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

DiRT Rally 2.0 has been my favourite Codemasters project to date. I was able to contribute in so many ways and our team worked so well together. We made it “ours”, and it has been very well-received so that is an amazing feeling. Don’t know if I can consider them projects but Game Jams are always such a blast, so any Game Jam project has a special place for me.

What are you playing at the moment?

I’ve been giving Anthem a try! It is so beautiful – I think I’m going to need flying mechanics in every game from now on. I’m still trying to finish Assassins Creed: Odyssey (I’m a bit of a side mission connoisseur), and I’m also waiting for the next episode of Life is Strange!

What games have you played recently where you’ve admired and appreciated the UI/art style?

AC: Odyssey & Origins’ UI is smart, easy to use and looks beautiful. Destiny’s UI was super groundbreaking and original. Star Citizen’s sci-fi UI and HUDs are immense. NieR: Automata’s colour palette… The Division 2, Breath of the Wild, Overwatch, Moonlighter, to say a few more.

What’s your favourite bit about your job?

Without trying to sound cheesy – working as a team with passion like minded people and feeling that everybody has the same goal as you. I learn cool stuff every day, not only from UI but other disciplines. I love videogames – almost every childhood memory is of playing games or drawing – but it never dawned on me you could be a developer. It felt so foreign as an idea, even more so to a woman. My younger self wouldn’t believe where I am now!

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