Codies Racing Line: March 11, 2021



March 11, 2021

We’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2021 already. That’s weird, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday that we were all excited to unwrap rectangular-shaped gifts that were quite clearly a video game of some sort, but we feigned polite ignorance as loved ones eagerly watched on, terrified that they’ve purchased the wrong game.

Still, it’s not as though the past three months have been a quiet affair at the world of Codemasters, as the incredible team here continue to bring new experiences to our games. The last fortnight has been more of the same, with new DLC reveals, a Xbox Game Pass addition and thrilling esports action. That’s why the Racing Line is here to get you up to speed! Let’s start with an off-road racer that has certainly brought the Energy recently…


Somebody hold me! We’re still reeling from an extremely busy and exciting end to February, as DIRT 5 rolled out its first major content update of 2021 and welcomed a new community of Xbox players.

The Energy Content Pack and free Update 4.00 are now settled in nicely, with a host of new additions and optimisations. Still getting up to speed on what new goodies we air-dropped into DIRT 5 in the last update? Not a problem – all the details are here, and we have gameplay of the new cars and classic liveries on our YouTube channel, as well as a livestream showing off the new content. Neat!

On top of that, it’s been fantastic to say hello to Xbox and Windows Store players jumping in to DIRT 5, which is now available on Game Pass. A quick reminder for you: the Xbox and Windows Store versions of the game are enabled cross-play enabled, meaning you can play online with fellow Game Pass players or your friends across Xbox and PC.

All of this has meant we’ve seen another influx of folks getting stuck into Playgrounds. To help newer players with the mode, we’re kicking off a video series highlighting some of the best creations to check out, starting with a ‘Quick Hits’ playlist of short and sweet Playgrounds that are available on all platforms. Get it watched, people.

It’s been busy, then, but there’s no rest for the wicked – we’re tinkering away on the next DIRT 5 update, bringing more cars and more ways to play. Can’t wait to reveal more! Well, we can, and we have to, but… you get what I mean.

– Chris



Hey everyone, PJ here with one more round-up on the latest Rally happenings.

DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – We have our Winners

Tens of thousands of competitors were whittled down to just 11, and a few weeks ago we held the Grand Finals of the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series in a virtual event hosted from Silverstone. All of our competitors would be well-equipped for the Grand Finals, with identical hardware being shipped around the world including the latest gear from Thrustmaster, the series’ official partner. They would also be driving two significant cars in Rally and Rallycross history: Colin McRae’s 1995 SUBARU Impreza and Johan Kristoffersson’s Volkswagen Polo R Supercar.

After all of our finalists showed tremendous skill and bravery in the opening five Stages, the top three were then sent off to Wales for the final showdown on the iconic Sweet Lamb route. They would run one at a time with the full onboards shown live. Meanwhile, our Rallycross competitors duked it out across six heats before a winner-takes-all battle on the Silverstone RX track. If you don’t know the results yet we’ve got spoiler-free videos here, and if you simply want a recap of who won and how they did it, that’s here.

Official DiRT Club – Join us for the 2021 Season

With professional competition now behind us, it’s time for us regular players to get competitive, and there’s no better place than the Official DiRT Club. Over 20,000 people have signed up and it’s a great place to see how you stack up without stressing out about being ultra-serious.

In 2020 we hosted a year-long Championship Season, taking in the many different locales of the game, and we’ll do the same again for 2021, but with a few minor tweaks to the formula. There are no prizes for this – it is a Club like any other in the game – however the challenge of such a long set of rallies and the bragging rights of a strong finish are worthy rewards in and of themselves.

I finished in the top 50 of the 2020 season and am looking to improve on that in 2021 (the new Championship started a few days ago), and I have word that Chris and Fernando will be competing too so keep an eye out for us on the leaderboards.

In other news, we’ve been doing our bit in raising awareness of various causes, such as the NHS campaign supporting positive mental health. Our players are getting involved too, one of which you may have seen on BBC’s Click if you’re in the UK.

Finally, as mentioned in the last Racing Line we’re planning a little hotfix for DiRT Rally 2.0 to amend some issues that arose from our last update. I’m hoping to share more details on that shortly.

That’s all for now, see you all soon.



F1® 2020

Hey all,

Happy March to you all. Time keeps rolling on, and I can’t believe we’re nearly at the start of the real-life F1 season. As I type this, Ferrari has just shown off their new car, meaning all 10 teams have revealed their machines for this year. I have a soft spot for the Aston this year; that green, with those pink accents, is just beautiful. Which one is your favourite? Head to our social channels and let us know!

BAFTA Games Nomination

F1® 2020 has been nominated for ‘Best British Game’ at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards! We’re so honoured to be included and can’t wait for the ceremony on March 25th. You can look at all the nominations and find out all you need to know here.

F1® Esports Challengers

Our F1 Esports Challengers event raced past the half-way point of the 10-race championship at the end of last month. With places in the Pro Exhibition up for grabs, it’s nearly crunch time for each of the drivers racing on PS4, Xbox and PC. You can find out how it went and watch the live streams all over again in our race report here.

On a personal note, I was so proud to appear in a video about the women of Codemasters for International Women’s Day. You can find out more later in this post, but even though International Women’s Day is over, the stories, careers, and advice from women in the industry will always be relevant.

See you next time,

– Jenny



Welcome to the Racing Line from the Project CARS team! We have new cars, a new track, and a new Rivals Challenge for you to sink your teeth into this week, so let’s get to it.

Update 4 and Power Pack DLC

A new update is available for Project CARS 3 which brings improvements, further stability improvements, and the Lake Valley Speedway: a new track, free for all players. You can read about the Lake Valley Speedway here and catch up on the update notes here.

Update 4 dropped alongside more new content for Project CARS 3, courtesy of the Power Pack. Along with the usual array of customisation items for both your driver avatar and cars, the Power Pack also brings four epic Japanese cars to the game:

• 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
• 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero
• 2020 Nissan 370Z
• 2021 Nissan Z Proto

Each car comes with its own racing conversion as well. Also including a fresh set of Career events and achievements for you to tackle, the “Power Pack” is great new content, so get out there and lay down the power!

If you’d like to learn more about how the Nissan Z Proto came to be in the world of Project CARS 3, check out this Xbox Wire blog post where you can get an insight into how the car was built in collaboration with Nissan.

Driving Seat blog returns

After a short break where we did some spring cleaning and took down the Christmas decorations, our bi-weekly community blog series ‘Driving Seat’ returns to the spotlight. See what we’ve been up to in the latest entry here and look out for more posts coming every other Thursday.

Rivals Challenge

Cadwell Park and the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the combo for this week’s Rivals Challenge. A narrow circuit with steep elevation changes against American power—a big test! If you think you got what it takes to top the leaderboards, then jump right. You have until Sunday, March 14th to take part.

That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community on our Discord server and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Project CARS website.

– Fernando



Competitive action is the order of the day in the world of F1® Mobile Racing right now, with live events and constant PvP races on the menu. Things are getting tense in the Official Team Event – a six-race series where players choose their official F1 team to represent, then compete against the rest of the world for prizes. The event runs until April 9, but get started soon to give yourself plenty of attempts to nail your laps and overall scores.

Elsewhere, with Update 17 now live, Elite Leagues are once again open, pitting the very best players against each other in live fast-paced Duels. Rise up the ranks to reach the Elite Leagues and win big. Good luck!

– Chris



– As we head towards the gradual easing of lockdown in the UK, we’ve partnered once again with Public Health England to reiterate the importance of following guidelines where possible. On top of that, we’re offering advice on how players can seek support about their mental wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond. In DIRT 5, DiRT Rally 2.0, and GRID, players in the UK may spot ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’ and ‘Every Mind Matters’ banners on trackside materials.

Whether you’re in the UK or not, you can read more about what these messages can mean for you here.

– In case you missed it, March 8th was International Women’s Day. To celebrate some of the inspirational women that help bring Codemasters games to life, we made a special video where some of those women sat down to share their stories of what they do, how they got into the games industry, and why International Women’s Day is important to them. You can take a look at the video over on our YouTube channel.

Feeling inspired and want to know more about Careers at Codemasters? We’d love to hear from you. We’re currently hiring for over 30 different positions, all of which you can find on our Careers website.

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