Codies Weekly Update 14-03-14



March 14, 2014

It’s a foggy day here at Codies HQ and like a zombie from the grave the weekly update has come back to life and wants to chew on your leg.

First up is the big news that F1 2013 is free to play on Steam this weekend and we’ve slashed 75% off the game and the DLC! If you’ve never tried one of our F1 games or yet to play F1 2013 there’s never going to be a better time, you should see it listed in your Steam Library already but if not you can head to this page here.

To top that off, if you happen to get dragged out shopping in the UK this weekend you’ll also find that F1 Challenge is the Pick of the Week in Starbucks. Just make sure you are back in time for the start of the season in Melbourne this Sunday and be sure to join our GP Predictor and fill out how you think the weekend’s grid might look.


Keeping with F1 news we have now selected the seven leagues that will be taking part in the Codies League Championship and will be announcing them on Monday. We were amazed by the response and number of applications we had and really sorry if you didn’t make the cut this time. The first event takes place next Wednesday and we plan on bringing you all the action from the grid next week.

Tweet of the Week

Great action shot from DiRT fan @VerruckAle, we’re jealous of how sunny your local rally is, it just rains at ours :(

Video of the week

‘ello viewers, Alan from Team VVV just got a new rig and fancied playing a little bit of GRID 2. We’ve got to say Al we’re impressed with your driving skills and the new rig but your speculation needs a little work.


GRID Team are back on Instagram and seem to be up to something


If you’re a true Codies fan you’ll also be pleased to hear that both Formula 1 Game and DiRT are on Instagram too. You guys know how much we love putting filters over things.

That’s pretty much it for this week’s round up, we hope to have the new look forums up and running very soon but for now enjoy the start of the F1 season and we’ll see you next week.

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