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March 21, 2014

Spring is here, birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and the Codemasters swans are still attacking the window in the glass lobby by the swirly staircase. Today is the 21st of March and this is the Codies Weekly update.

The big news this week is that RaceNet has hit 1 million users! Mwhahahahahahaha..! We’re really pleased that so many of you enjoy using the service and the stuff we have planned for the next update is going to blow you away! So take a look at our infographic and read more about the mind boggling stats you’ve racked up so far.


Formula 1

What a dramatic start to the F1 season, it certainly kept us on our toes and was a tough one to call. I didn’t fare very well in our GP Predictor League and I’m embarrassingly sat at the bottom of the table. Currently sitting on the top of the table is hullcityfan789 F1 with a massive 85 points. If you’d like to join in with the league there is still time, just follow the link below and sign up.


This week also saw the inaugural Codies League Championship GP take part in Melbourne, it was one hell of an exciting race and we want to say thanks again to everybody who watched and took part. We’ll be posting up the standings along with a collection of videos from the race very soon.

Finally, to help celebrate the start of the F1 season we’ve teamed up with PlayStation to bring you this week’s Deal of the Week – F1 2013 for £10.99 (£9.89 for PS+ subscribers)



They’re still up to something, not sure what, but Alex “GoPro” Harvey from the Codies Video Team was out at Donnington again this week filming. Feel free to tweet your speculation to @gridgame

Something we get asked for a lot is the soundtrack to our games and we’re pleased to say that GRID fans can now download the GRID 2 soundtrack from here. We recommend listening to it with the garage door open, with your feet up on the desk while you just watch the world go by outside.


DiRT is asking the big questions this week and wants to know when the last time you played a DiRT game was?

We’re also a huge fan of @Benjaminaward this week that tweeted us a link to the awesome photos he took at this year’s Rally Sweden. We’ve already put them in a special folder marked “Reference Photos”, (don’t know why, DiRT Team must be up to something too). If you’d like to check out Benjamin’s photos you can here


And we have an announcement! (no not that one) – The DiRT Team Subaru purrs once again!

Screenshot of the week

This week’s Screenshot of the Week goes to Steam Community Member AZWew with this shot that we are calling “The Full Moon”.


Video of the week

This video is impressive for two reasons. 1: It’s a pretty kick ass video. 2: @MikuHatsune1072 actually created and modded the Deadmau5 livery into DiRT 3. It’s well worth a watch just for its awesome soundtrack if nothing else.

Tweet of the Week

This one has to go to @steIvesy – We’re sorry you didn’t win £108 million on the lottery; we’ll see what we can do but no promises.

That’s your lot for this week. Thanks for coming, we hope the weekend remains nice and sunny so we can all stay indoors and play video games, but whatever you’re up to have a good time and we’ll be back next week.

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