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March 27, 2015

Finally! We have a game to talk about which of course means I can dust off the Codies Weekly Update – it’s good to be back! I’m happy to report today’s weather is sunny with a cool breeze so without further ado let’s get on with it.

Announcing F1 2015

If you missed the news we’re pleased to announce that F1 TM 2015 is launching in June and you’ll be able to play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As we’ve confirmed previously the game has been built on an all new version of EGO tailored to deliver the ultimate FORMULA ONE videogame experience and act as a significant step forward in the game’s visuals and physics-based handling model.

The new model delivers enhancements and additions in over 20 areas including engine and transmission, aero dynamics, fuel tank, force feedback, suspension and most notably a brand new tyre physics model – creating a truly breathtaking and realistic representation of how these cars handle on the track.

The buzz and excitement that surrounds each GRAND PRIX™ is incredible, and we wanted to transfer that to F1 2015 with an all-new broadcast style presentation that’ll deliver that unmistakable race-day weekend atmosphere of a GRAND PRIX™, complete with podium and grid sequences. You’ll be seeing all of this in the Championship Season mode, the brand new (and very challenging) Pro Season mode and of course Quick Race and Multiplayer too.

You’ll find loads more information about F1 2015 including an update from Game Director, Paul Jeal right here.

One of my favourite things about putting up game news is reading your reactions on Twitter. Here are some of my favourites from the F1 2015 announcement.

For updates on F1 2015 and to keep up with all the news from this season I highly recommend following Formula 1 game on Twitter and on Facebook.

In other Codemasters news we have a brand new addition to the Community Team, allow me to introduce Mark Buckley who’s going to tell you a little about his first week.

“Wow, my first week at Codemasters! It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me to be honest, with my first few days getting settled in and then straight into the excitement of the F1 2015 announcement. I’ve been learning a lot and having a blast doing it! This week has been great for me, from chatting on the forums to all the welcome messages on Twitter, you’ve all made me feel right at home in this awesome community so thank you! I’m really excited to share what I’m working on going forward, and I know you all will be too.”

Screenshot of the week

You guessed it, we’re going to go with our own one and it has to be this shot of Nico in the pits from F1 2015.


Next week we’ll be starting a new era for Codemasters, so expect to be seeing much more behind the scenes stuff. We’ll be introducing you to some of the awesome men and women who work here and hopefully letting you all get to know us all little better.

On top of that we’ll be visiting the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham with BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about gaming culture in the UK alongside a panel of experts from various corners of the UK games industry. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with everything.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the Malaysian Grand Prix, we’ll see you next week!

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