Codies Weekly Update 28-03-14



March 28, 2014

Despite the sunny start there are grey skies over Codemasters HQ this week but we won’t let the weather dampen our spirits, instead we’ll put the kettle on to boil, fire up one of our in-development projects for a few races and soldier on through this second winter.

This week’s big news is that you’ll be able to play Soap at the EGX Rezzed Expo which is on at the at the NEC Birmingham this weekend! You’ll find it on Special Effect’s booth.

Soap is a great game that started life as a project some of our staff worked on during last year’s Winter GameJam. Its aim – to make gaming more accessible for people with disabilities. If you’d like to read more about it and our other GameJam titles from last year, click here.


Formula 1

This week saw the second round of the Codies League Championship take place in Catalunya. It was a really exciting race made only better by the rain that started to fall in the last part of the session. For Luke’s full race report and comments from the drivers check back next week. Again, thank you to all who took part and watched on the livestream.

As any self respecting motorsport fan is aware this week sees the second round of the Formula One World Championship in Malaysia. Care to make a prediction on the race? Our GP Predictor league is still open and you can sign up here



Ben is getting all nostalgic this week and has been digging around the old screenshot folders.

Were you a fan of the old ToCA or Race Driver games? Hit reply and let @gridgame know.

Speaking of Touring cars the 2014 BTCC season gets underway this weekend from Brands Hatch, we really can’t wait and we’re sure it’s going to be an exciting season.


It’s not very often that we get sent fan art but we adore this masterpiece of a Peugeot 205 sent in by @chichasm. If you happen to be a bit of an artist (or even if you’re not) we’d love to see some of your DiRTi pictures.

If you’re a Rallycross fan, this weekend also has something for you as the first round of the British Rallycross takes place from Lydden Hill which you’ll be able to watch live and online, right here.

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s Screenshot of the Week goes to Bald Mike on Steam and his reason for why triple monitor setups exist:


Click to view the full 5760 x 1080 screenshot – It’s hard to argue with you Mike.

Video of the Week

We’ve been a fan of RyanL83’s overtakes of the week for a long time now and his latest episode really showcases some of the amazing driving found online in F1 2013.

Tweet of the Week

@xXRariiXx was doing some digging around and found something that had given him flashbacks to his youth.

Sorry Rarrii, hotline has closed down now but try entering your name as HOVERCRAFT ;)


This week’s RaceNet event for F1 2013 is set up to run alongside the Malaysian Grand Prix and challenges you to set the fastest lap possible in a Caterham. Think you can beat who ever sets the faster lap in qualifying? Be sure to tweet @Formula1game a screenshot if you do.


You’ll also find a whole host of fresh Global Challenges that just went live in GRID 2 this morning.


That’s your lot for this week’s Codies Update, there is plenty of motorsport to watch this weekend that’s for sure so whatever you are a fan of, enjoy the race. Just be sure to try and fit a few races in on your favourite game too.

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