F1® Mobile Racing Update 11 – New Physics System and New Events Revealed!



March 5, 2020

You can almost feel the new season of F1 charging into view – and to celebrate its return, we have another huge update for F1® Mobile Racing – Codemasters’ free-to-play official game of Formula One™, out now on iOS and Android.

What makes update 11 so huge? It’s full of things our players love and introduces a ground-breaking gameplay overhaul that takes the game’s realism and immersion to another level – and you get to test it out first. Let us tell you more…  

Test the New 2020 Car Chassis and Physics System  

 With all the real-world F1 testing taking place, we just had to get in the act – so get ready for a unique GP Event that gives you a taste of the future of F1® Mobile Racing.  

Based on community feedback, we’ve been working on a brand-new car physics system for F1® Mobile Racing, one that puts even more focus on the R&D system and finding the perfect setup for each circuit and your personal driving style. The new physics are deeper, more challenging, and more reactive to the changes you make in R&D. Different track archetypes will require separate setups, and there’s a greater focus on driver ability. Players will be required to master braking points and manage entry speeds to be able to piece together the perfect lap. 

There are three base archetypes that players should keep in mind when creating a new setup: Balanced, High Downforce, and High Top Speed. Follow in the footsteps of a real world F1 team approaching any race weekend, by determining which archetype a track falls into, then perfect the setup to get the best time possible. 

Sound like something you want to try out? On March 6th enter our new GP Event, the Pre-Season Testto test out a trifecta of tracks that will demand different R&D setups to top the ranksCircuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaAutodromo Nazionale Monza, and Marina Bay Street Circuit. Earn amazing rewards, including both Parts and Credits, and help shape the future of F1® Mobile Racing. 

Players in the event will also be invited to give us their feedback and thoughts on the new physics, which we’ll use to finalise the system’s final form when it launches in a later update.   

But that’s not all. Participants in the Pre-Season Test will also take control of the new 2020 F1™ car chassis, complete with a unique livery for the event. Join the action on March 6th to get a taste of the next chapter of F1® Mobile Racing – and win some HUGE rewards for taking part. 

More Limited-Time Events  

The Pre-Season Test is just the beginning of a massive slate of new GP Events coming in Update 11. On March 13, Elite Leagues players receive an invite to a major challenge, with the Elite Championship putting players at the top of Duel mode against each other in a five-round competition. Then, kick off April with the Spring Warmup: a quickfire GP Event that’s guaranteed to get you fired up for the 2020 Championship. Finally, we’re head state-side on April 13, with the America Tour (above) taking racers to Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil for a special competition. 

Further Gameplay Improvements 

Throughout all of these new events and ways to play, Update 11 also includes further improvements and optimisations based around fair play and rewarding genuinely fastest drivers. More adjustments around both the corner-cutting system and in-race penalty system have been implemented. Much like real-world F1™, if 4 wheels are off the track, a penalty will be applied. Alongside these new improvements we want to further reward those who race hard, but race fair; perform a clean lap within Duels to earn a post-race bonus.  


Update 11 for F1® Mobile Racing is right around the corner, so get ready for more of what you love and a glimpse into a bright new future for our free-to-play racer.  

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