International Women’s Day 2020: Meet Ara



March 8, 2020

We’re continuing our International Women’s Day staff spotlight with Environment Artist Ara Carrasco. Take a look below as we discuss her career so far, what inspires her, and her advice for women wanting to get into the industry.


Hi Ara, thanks for sitting down with us today! Could you tell us what you do at Codemasters?

I’m an Environment Artist, which means I can potentially be modelling all the 3d assets that are visible on screen, except for characters and cars. I particularly enjoy foliage, but that also involves terrain, rocks, buildings, you name it.


How long have you been here at Codemasters?

A bit more than 2 years


How long have you been in the industry for?

I think around 7 years already? How time flies!


How did you get into environment art?

I did a Master’s Degree in Spain that showed me the very basics of 3d modelling and then built my portfolio while working on other things. Wanted to come to the UK to work because of the amazing companies around so I also made sure I knew English at least well enough to be understood in the workplace.  I was always interested in art since I was very little so I’m super chuffed with my job! ^^


What are your inspirations?

Personally I get inspired by friends and relatives who work hard and are really good at what they do and still are humble and down to Earth.

Artistically: gamewise, I’m quite enjoying the art direction in Disco Elysium, Knights and Bikes looks awesome, I really liked Firewatch, Oxenfree, Ni No Kuni, some parts of Breath of the Wild, and so many AAA have super gorgeous art nowadays: everything by Naughty Dog, God of War by Sony Santa Monica, Red Dead Redemption…

Non games stuff: Jiro Taniguchi is a master, Takehiko Inoue, Sergio Toppi, Kay Nielsen… and am really enjoying the comic books of Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. I’m also inspired by Emma Ríos, Belén Ortega, Mary Blair and Karla Ortiz. Lately the movie Klaus was really inspiring: it was made by a Spanish studio and they started with no funding whatsoever and it just blew my mind.


What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry?

I’d say to get rid of the Imposter Syndrome as much as possible (we all have it from time to time or every day, it never completely goes away), work hard on their craft and try and make as many contacts as possible. Being humble and accepting constructive feedback is also very important. All this is very hard to do when you have a full-time job at some other field, I’m aware, but I haven’t seen anyone who kept at trying enough time that didn’t make it eventually. So don’t despair, you’ll get there! :)


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