International Women’s Day 2020: Meet Stacey



March 8, 2020

Today is International Women’s Day, and we’re spending today getting to know the fantastic women that work at Codemasters. This time, we chat to Stacey Pace.


Hey Stacey! What is it that you do at Codemasters?

I work in the QA Department as a Games Tester in the Sony Compliance team. We test each of the Codemasters PS4 titles to ensure they meet first-party standards and adhere to the platform guidelines.


How long have you been here at Codemasters? 

I’ve been working in the games industry for Codemasters for just over 12 years. Prior to joining Codies I worked as a graphic designer, studying web design & testing for web. I had also been working freelance for lifestyle magazines writing games reviews and was often in contact with the Codemasters PR team. When design for print jobs were becoming scarce in 2007 I saw an opportunity to join Codemasters. I applied for a 3 month temporary contract in QA and have been working here ever since.


What’s your favourite bit of your job, and what inspires you?

I really enjoy working alongside gaming enthusiasts and like-minded people but the best part of my job is finding interesting bugs and exploits. It was Nintendo that first sparked my love of games and still fires it today. There are so many inspiring games on the Switch that my wish list is constantly growing. I am currently playing Earthlock and Night in the Woods. Oxenfree and Animal Crossing are next on my list to buy.


What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry?

If I was to give advice to women trying to get into the industry it would be the exact same advice that I would give to men. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that working in games is not a real job. It’s an important part of the creative industry and if you have a love of games and feel you have the relevant skills and / or transferable skills you really should apply.

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