International Women’s Day 2021: Meet Faye



March 8, 2021

We continue to put the spotlight on the women of  Codemasters on International Women’s Day with Faye. Read what she’s got to say below.


Hey, could you introduce yourself to us – who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Faye and I am the Licensing Administrator. I am responsible for logging all agreements received within the licensing team onto our internal database. I also license some sponsors, liveries and drivers that are to be used within the games, I send out in game and marketing approvals to manufacturers and brands as required. Plus I carry out lots of vehicle research and due diligence, which is great as you turn into a detective!


Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?

I think it’s important to celebrate the achievements of women, who throughout history have transformed our world for the better. Also it’s a great chance for everyone to come together.


How did you get into the games industry, what made you decide on the games industry?

To be honest, it was unexpected, but the games industry is a fantastic industry to now be in and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of it! My family are big gamers, and they especially love their racing games. Therefore when I was offered the position I was extremely delighted.


What’s your career highlight so far, what are you most proud of doing?

Receiving signed agreements back from Licensors always makes me feel proud and I feel a sense of achievement, knowing that I have licensed their trademarks to be featured within the games. Just last week I received a signed agreement back for a livery to be included in something, one I had been chasing for eight months, my persistence paid off.


Do you have any female role models?

My mum is one of my biggest role models, she has taught me many things throughout life and I always look up to her.


What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you started in the industry?

I didn’t have to be nervous. Everyone is super friendly and we are all one big team working towards the same goals.


How do you think we can get more women in the games industry?

More promotion of women on social media. It’s great to hear stories from women within the games industry, seeing what they have achieved, plus lots of positive images and videos.


What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry?

Never give up, keep following your goals. I have a tendency to underestimate myself but I have learnt to find that belief and go for it, you haven’t anything to lose.


Tell us something about you we don’t know

After a few drinks, I am the first one to hit the dance floor and karaoke machine!


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