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March 20, 2014

RaceNet launched as a beta in May 2012 alongside the release of Dirt Showdown, and since then it has been integrated into a number of our games; F1 2012, F1 Race Stars, GRID 2 and more recently F1 2013.

Over the past 22 months we’ve seen the service come out of beta and launch a wealth of different features, including community events, weekly challenges in game, detailed career stats, and more!

The list of features is only set to grow as RaceNet continues to evolve with our upcoming releases (more on those another time!) and while we can’t go into specifics right now, suffice to say we’re extremely excited about what lays in wait.

To celebrate reaching an incredible 1 million RaceNet members, we made this infographic that highlights some of the absolutely mind boggling stats that you, our wonderful Community have helped create.


If you’ve not signed up to RaceNet then head on over to the website, it’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost a thing! What’s more is that any account you create will work as your Codemasters “passport” allowing you to login to all of our online services including the forums, which are inching ever nearer.

Thank you for all your RaceNet support, feedback, suggestions and ideas, a lot of our future feature set comes directly from the feedback you’ve given us and we can’t wait to start talking about it.

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