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March 25, 2014

The Codies League Championship is officially underway! We kick started the Xbox 360 season in Melbourne last week with some of the best leagues around competing for that all important top spot. The quality of the drivers was reflected in the standard of the race, clean and high quality racing was shown throughout the GP from beginning to end. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the race last week and to all of those who tuned in live via Twitch!

If you missed the live Twitch stream feel free to check out a range of race footage from Noble 2909, Sam F1LFC and  o Velxcity.

Now onto the race results… As you can see from the GP 1 standings, AOR’s Noble 2909 took the very first win of the season with an incredible performance throughout the entire race. Both TRL Rosberg and Limitless aren’t too far behind with a very impressive 33 points between them. Ballinger Boy secured a strong 12 points for IFR while Noble’s teammate x Matty G secured 5th position and a respectable 10 points. XRL’s o Velxcity had a great race and finished 10th, up 4 positions from his starting position.

Dramatic Naven had an incredible race and managed to work his way up the field into 7th from 12th. UTR 1 finished 8th and secured 4 points while XRL’s Seanbean22 landed a 10 second penalty dropping his position 9th. Sam F1LFC finished in 10th and took home the final point of the race and UTR Two finished behind. Cydonian Paul dropped 4 places into 12th while VRL’s  LHR xx N3RO xx finished the race in 13th. Sadly, due to connection issues RTAY94 from Pinnacle was unable to start the race, resulting in a DNF.


After the session finished we asked a few of the league admins and drivers how they thought the race went. Here’s what they had to say.

Dramatic Naven (VRL) – “Enjoyable race overall, a much better qualifying would have been on the cards had I not been disqualified for cutting a corner on my flying lap. The race was tough, difficult to pass a lot of these guys so had to fuel save and back off early on and try to make up places later in the race. Happy to get 7th from where I started but hoped for better, thanks to Codemasters for putting this on”

Dan Fisk (XRL) – “A race where the pace was there to win the race but sadly could not maximise our final race position. We know who our competitors are now and we will fight back at Spain. Can’t wait until Wednesday!”

x M a t t y G (AOR) – “I thought the race went pretty well. Once I got up into 2nd my main goal was to make sure Noble pulled out a gap and that I kept the very fast TRL boys behind. It worked and unfortunately a spin in the last laps of the race off TRL Limitless’ side pod cost me a potential 3rd.”

Fisi (AOR) – “Very pleased with my boys’ performance in Australia. We expected to challenge at the front, but the TRL drivers put up a great fight which made for a very entertaining battle. Luckily we came away with the race win and a slight championship advantage going into the next race. On to Catalunya!”

TRL Limitless (TRL) – “Happy with a podium as Melbourne has never been a strong track of mine. Looking forward to the rest of the season from where I can battle for some wins”.

TRL Rosberg (TRL) – “The qualifying was very intense and congratulations to Noble for grabbing pole. As for the race, I had a good start but got passed by Matty and battled for the majority of the race which put me out of a possible win. Congratulations to Noble who took a commanding win. Looking forward to Catalunya, a favorite track of mine, where I hope to be stronger.”

So what does this all mean for the overall standings? Well currently AOR top the leaderboard with 35 points but TRL are only 2 points away after TRL Rosberg and Limitless’ strong 2nd and 3rd finishing positions. IFR currently sit 3rd with 12 points, all of which came from Ballinger Boy’s impressive 4th place finish. XRL sit 2 points behind while VRL’s 6 points bring them into 5th place. UTR hold 6th place with Pinnacle finishing 7th after RTAY94’s unfortunate DNF.


We’re heading to Spain and the Circuit de Catalunya this Wednesday for the next race. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter channel at 8PM GMT for live coverage!

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