Codies Racing Line – April 30, 2020



April 30, 2020

Hey everyone,

First things first, we once again hope everyone is well, staying safe and healthy, and making good use of gaming for entertainment and escapism. The Codies team is now very much in its stride in a new working process, adapting to ensure we keep moving forward with projects and delivering the goods to you, the players!

Hot off the heels of a major game announcement and more a fortnight ago, we have more big news and events to keep you posted on for the next two weeks. The Racing Line is here to give you the low-down on everything we have lined up for you – beginning with more star-studded online racing with Codies titles…


Hello everyone – here’s a brief roundup of what’s been happening in the rally world recently:

World RX Esports Invitational – Last time out we mentioned that top-tier World RX drivers, DiRT Rally 2.0 qualifiers and special guests would be taking part in a rallycross extravaganza – and they certainly didn’t disappoint. On April 19 the field of 20 stars lined up on the virtual grid at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, with World RX’s Andrew Coley and Neil Cole providing the commentary and banter from home.

Some of my personal highlights include Kevin Hansen and Andreas Bakkerud waging an all-out war on the track, Andrew Coley’s Wikipedia description of Jimmy Broadbent and Mattias Adielsson’s last-gasp lunge in the Semi Final. You can watch the videos from this event over on our YouTube, and the next Invitational is only a few days away as we head to Montalegre and the virtually sunny skies of Portugal.

Solberg World Cup – On the rally side, the Solberg World Cup has moved on from Monte Carlo and is now setting its sights on Sweden. Monte Carlo is always a good way to start a Championship and it proved to be a tricky one for many players this time round.

I had a go myself and was able to finish around 700th place, though out of 12,000 players, I’m happy with that result. I’ll have a go at Sweden this weekend. Lukas Mateja (who you’ll remember from the World RX Esports Invitational) topped the board, and both Petter and Oliver Solberg themselves put in impressive performances top in the Top 50.

For all the details head to the event’s official site, and check out our blog post for more.

Other Events – With the world being what it is right now and Clubs being a useful DiRT Rally 2.0 feature, we’re seeing many parts of the rally world take to the game and run their own events. Here’s a few that made waves recently…

The Skoda Motorsport eChallenge saw a few thousand players take on Skoda’s professional rally drivers in the Fabia R5 at Argentina. Motorsports UK announced the Esports British Rally Championship, open to UK members of the organisation. That kicks off at Wales (in-game) on May 4. Phil Hall and the Royal Air Force Central Fund got together to take on DiRT Rally 2.0’s 26 longest stages back-to-back, as part of the UK’s 2.6 Challenge initiative to support various charities.

That’ll do it for another week of rally. See you all again soon.

– PJ


Hey there,

Last time round on the Racing Line, we had only just announced F1® 2020 (and if you haven’t checked that out yet, go and do that here). Today, we’ve given you a very first look! This weekend was supposed to be Circuit Zandvoort’s first since 1985, and whilst the real-life racing action has been postponed, we’re treating you with the virtual equivalent! Ride with us as we unleash Max Verstappen’s Red Bull on Circuit Zandvoort:

With the F1 season on hold, we can’t wait to race with you on Circuit Zandvoort virtually, before the real-life cars do.

That’s not all we revealed today, though. Alongside our hot lap we’ve also lifted the lid on F1® 2020’s cover art. We absolutely love it this year –  here’s a taster of this year’s cover art, with the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition, but you check them all out right here!

Last weekend saw both ROKiT Williams Racing drivers race each other, some guest stars and fans in the F1 Esports #ChallengeWilliams event – if you missed it, you can catch up here. The Virtual Grand Prix will be returning this weekend too, as Charles Leclerc looks to maintain his winning run against fellow F1 drivers, sporting stars, and debutants including Codies’ good friend Petter Solberg, racing for Renault!

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well,

– Jenny


Over the last few weeks, we’ve obviously been working from home on everything Codemasters-related. During this time, we’ve found listening to music is one of the best ways to stay focused – in particular for me, lo-fi/chill music.

If you’re not familiar with the genre, think coffee shop music but with some unique instrumental and sometimes electronic beats thrown in. After being inspired by the popular Chilled Cow radio we decided to make a playlist of our own. After getting in touch with a couple artists who offer their music as royalty-free, we created a 50-minute video set to a lap of Paris in the Ford GT Heritage Edition. Take a look over on our official YouTube Channel and, while you’re at it, let us know what’s been the soundtrack to your lockdown.

Our friends over at Intel Gaming are giving away some amazing prizes in collaboration with GRID – head over to their giveaway page for all the details on how you can win a Predator gaming laptop, a Logitech G29 steering wheel, and more. You don’t want to miss out.

Finally, in the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing a patch for GRID that aims to address a few minor bugs that have come up since Season 3’s release, including the Agera RS car audio and some performance issues on PC. After that, we’ll be releasing Season 3 to Stadia so even more players can enjoy what’s on offer. Stay tuned for dates on each of these. In case you missed it, here’s all you need to know about GRID Season 3.

Wishing everyone all the best, hope you’re staying safe and well!

– James 

F1® Mobile Racing

You’ve heard the news, right? Well, just in case you haven’t…

The next update for F1® Mobile Racing adds 2020 Season content, adding the new driver line-up, cars and helmets, launching in May. That means F1® Mobile Racing will be the first place you’ll be able to experience this year’s F1 season!

The update also means new circuits – whilst Zandvoort will be included with the new update, Hanoi Circuit will also arrive in a separate update shortly after, as part of a special in-game event. We loved this week’s first look at Zandvoort in F1 2020, and are so excited for everyone to have the chance to race the same circuit in our free-to-play official handheld F1 game.

As well as the season refresh, we excited to roll out some fundamental changes that are driven by player feedback over the last couple of months. Recently, we gave you a glimpse of one major change regarding assists. Look out for more news soon on what’s coming in this huge update, and get ready to be part of the 2020 season action.

– Chris

Any Other Business?

– We are immensely proud to collaborate with fellow industry publishers, UKIE, Keymailer and more on the #GamesForCarers initiative. Codemasters has donated codes to this initiative, in which NHS workers can choose one of over 85,000 games to download and play, for free. It’s a small gesture and the least we can do for NHS staff, putting in heroic work during this time. Anyone with a NHS email address can head to and claim your free game. Enjoy, and thank you!

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