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April 10, 2015

Today is amazingly sunny, the windows are all open and it’s nice to let some fresh air in! Summer has officially arrived and to celebrate lets crack on with the Codies Weekly Update.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition Now Available on Steam


First up I want to say sorry for just how long it has taken to move DiRT 3 to Steamworks and I would also like to thank you all for keeping up the pressure on us to move it over. Every day I have over a hundred notifications on my Steam account, there are threads thousands of comments deep about it and countless Tweets and Facebook messages – while you’d think it would be the kind of thing that would bug the hell out of me, you’d be wrong.

It just goes to show that you guys love DiRT and care about it a lot; I’m hoping you’ll bring that passion with you for where we’re going next…

…Anyway before I get into trouble, I’m pleased to announce that DiRT 3 is now available with 100% less Games for Windows Live.

As a thank you for your patience over this last year we’ll be upgrading everybody who owns DiRT 3 to the DiRT 3 Complete Edition, which will include all of our DLC for no extra cost.

For more details on how to upgrade your copy head over to our announcement here

Meet Steve


This is Steve Hughes our Principle Programmer and he has the power to control the laws of physics. I’ve often speculated that Steve sees the world around him as lines of code much like Neo does at the end of the first Matrix movie and the work he’s been doing to help rebuild our physics systems only goes to further that.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Steve’s hard work later this year.

Tweet of the Week


That is one hell of a good way to spend a lunch break!

Screenshot of the Week


By Iron_Star

Video of the Week

Kyle… We’re inclined to agree!

There you have it, the Codies weekly update for 10th April 2015 but before I get off I just wanted to say thanks to the guys at for having me on their podcast this week, you can give it a listen here if you like (though it is just mostly me talking about my job and video games).

We’ll back next week with some more details on F1 2015 so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the latest news.

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