Codies Weekly Update 11-04-14



April 11, 2014

It’s like the calm before the storm this week, developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuff and the Community Team are busy teasing something… Also there was a wasp attack today; we think that may have had something to do with the Donut Apocalypse that has befallen Codies HQ though.


Formula 1

This week’s Codies League Championship just might have been the best one yet. We don’t want to spoil it for you but if you want to one of the most exciting online races you’ve ever seen then look no further.

No movement at the top of the table but we have seen Pinnacle and Vortex switch places. The championship final takes place next Wednesday and we’re really excited to see how the top teams perform. It’s still pretty close further down the table and the standings could look totally different this time next week.


Over on the brand new Codemasters Forums, mateyapfc has started a F1 2014 wish list, we’d love to hear what you would like too so sign up and let us know.


Team DiRT have been reminiscing over Colin McRae DiRT and asking our Facebook fans what they loved about our first DiRTi outing.

Over on the forums we’re just laying the ground work for the first DiRT Rally Championship, if you ‘d like to take part, show your interest here and we’ll have more details on it next week.

It turns out we have a number of rally drivers on the forums and ThierryNeuville has shared up how he turned a humble Peugeot 206 in to a rally car! Check it out here



GRID lost their hearts in San Francisco. We should really go back there soon, such an awesome city to race in and you never forget the first time you slammed Ravenwest into the side barrier.

Over on the GRID forums SabbraCadabra and the rest of the gang are talking touring cars with us. If you’re a regular Codemasters fan you’ll know how much we love talking about touring cars so swing by the forums and join in.

Tweet of the Week

Look what @dandy_who found!

Video of the Week

Avenga76 on the forums was kind enough to share his gaming set up with us, we’ve got to say that is probably one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, (and some pretty good driving).

Screenshot of the Week

This week the honour goes to TheStepRider for this pretty awesome shot, (let’s hope he made it to the finish OK and won’t need that car insurance).


Bonus Karting

Once every so often the various development teams like to go out karting, here’s some footage from our Birmingham studio’s (The F1 team) latest race.

Told you it was a quiet one this week. We’ll be back next week with the Codies Easter Egg Decorating Competition, the final of the Codies League Championship and after taking a look at the weather forecast it looks like we could be in for a storm after all…

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