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April 17, 2014

We know what you’re thinking… “What day is it? The Codies Weekly Update is a Friday thing, which must mean tomorrow is Saturday…”. Well no it’s not, sorry, today is Thursday and this is the slightly earlier than usual Codies Weekly Update.

Well the Met Office was reporting a storm over Codies HQ but it turns out I was wrong, it’s actually been quite sunny. So sunny that we considered downing tools and going for a picnic yesterday. We decided against it in the end and figured that we should probably try and finish one of these games we’re working on.

This Week’s Big News

You’ll get nothing more out of us than that, go follow GRID on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you want to know more.

Formula 1

It was the grand final of the Codies League Championship this week and yet again we were blown away by the skill of the competitors, it really was a great race and you can watch it again below.

You can catch the exciting final laps in Part 2 here.

We’d like to say thank you to everybody who took part and all of those who watched over the last five weeks, it really has been great fun. If you’d like to get involved in league racing then be sure to check the teams that took part, you never know when they’ll be looking for drivers.

The final standings for the Codies League Championship is as follows. Congratulations to our Champions Apex Online Racing.



This week the GRID team has been digging around the cupboard and found the strategy guide for ToCA World Touring cars. Ahhh the memories…





Following on from the success of the Codies League Championship we’re busy setting up our next big Community tournament, the great news is anybody can join even if you aren’t part of a league and it doesn’t even matter what platform you’re playing on! Visit the forums and check out the DiRT Rally Championship for more info.


Egg-cellent Competition

To celebrate the Easter holiday we’re going to hold an egg painting competition. To take part all you need to do is paint an egg with your favourite motorsport livery, helmet design or even with the logo of your favourite team or car manufacturer. When you’re finished tweet us a picture or upload it to the forums and we’ll announce three winners who will each receive a Codemasters goody bag and games in next week’s update.


Tweet of The Week

This week’s goes to Matt who has been at Codemasters for over eight years now! Just look at the collection he’s built up!


Screenshot of the Week

We call this one… “The Cold Shoulder” by Olmeto


Video of the Week

It’s two weeks in a row for Avenga76 who uploaded this video of Colin McRae Rally 2

Forum Thread of the Week

The Future at Codemasters

Laz1973 actually kicked this one off back when we launched the new look forums and it features some great discussion on what you want to see from Codemasters in the future… including Tuk Tuk racing.


This week’s F1 RaceNet Event challenges you to take on the Nürburgring in the Toro Rosso. Fire up F1 2013 and head to “MY F1” to enter.


Have we got you in the mood for a little GRID this weekend? You’ll find a whole stack of new Global Challenges waiting for you.


That’s it for this week, we’re off to enjoy our four-day weekend, we hope you all have a happy Easter, just try not to overdose on the chocolate eggs!

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