Watch The Miniature Mayhem Unfold In The First Micro Machines World Series Gameplay Trailer



April 19, 2017

We’re very happy today to have released the first gameplay trailer, with Koch Media, for the hotly anticipated return of the classic gaming franchise Micro Machines, ahead of the release on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) on 23rd June. You can watch the miniature mayhem unfold in the first Micro Machines World Series gameplay trailer, which you can check out below, or play at

Whether you’re driving a SPY CAR destroying a HOVERCRAFT with a NERF Blaster in the Games Room, or a DUMP TRUCK blowing up a TANK with a Dynamite Launcher in the Garden, Micro Machines World Series will have players of all ages smiling from ear-to-ear while delivering absolute carnage.


We sat down for a chat with Executive Producer, Chris Gray, who told us: “Micro Machines World Series is a fresh new take on the franchise that is great fun for previous players and those new to Micro Machines. It’s a firm fan favourite and we are delighted to be bringing it to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Chris continued: “In addition to the return of the classic Race and Elimination modes, we are extremely excited by the new Battle Arenas. Having 12 players in the same match, all fighting it out with a variety of vehicles and crazy weapons is great fun. Gamers are going to love it.”


You’ll be able to take on a whole new way of racing in Micro Machines World Series. Not only will you be able to burn rubber across the Kitchen table in familiar 4 player ‘sofa style’ local races, but you’ll also be able to enter into larger 12 player on-line races. So many players on one screen seriously increases the challenge, and all 12 vehicles jostling for position and hurtling toward each corner makes it even more perilous and exciting.

As well as the core racing modes are the Battle Modes, which pit up to 12 players into the same arena for frantically competitive multiplayer games, including CAPTURE THE FLAG and TERRITORY. All of these are set to the interactive backdrop of 15 battle arenas including The Laser Lab, Buzzsaw Battle and negotiating the HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS board without being eaten.


You can personalise your Battles with 12 new vehicles including the SPY CAR, HOVERCRAFT, MONSTER TRUCK or G I JOE H.I.S.S TANK, each with their own strengths and weapons. You’ll set off trying to crush, smash and destroy opponents with numerous new weapons including the Dynamite Launcher, Tidal Wave, Cobra Turret and NERF Blasters. Every vehicle also has a level of customisation with new skins, completely changing the original look. The inclusion of Emotes, Victory Poses and Grave Stamps also add to the camaraderie and bragging rights at the end of a match. (We know how important being able to brag is!)

Adding to the hilarity and fun of Micro Machines, the UK release is narrated by the one and only Brian Blessed. In his own, recognisable and unique style, Brian bursts forth announcing the start of races as well as “ENEMY FLAG TAKEN” and “MICRO MACHINES IS ALIVE!”

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