May 20, 2014

Welcome to our second Community Spotlight – a new series here on the blog, that basically showcases all of the awesome things you do with our games. This week it’s time shine the spotlight on our incredible YouTube community and one of our favourite content creators; Aarava.

Aarava began to make a name for himself amongst the YouTube crowd in 2012 with an insightful and entertaining look into our games and the world of Formula 1. Now he’s sitting on over a million views and over 7,000 dedicated subscribers.

We popped a few questions over to Aarava last week to hear what he had to say about his two years as an F1 content creator.


How long have you been creating YouTube videos?

I have been making videos for about 2 years now. I first started uploading videos recorded with a camera facing a TV around May in 2012.

After doing this on and off up until September (with F1 2011 being the subject) as soon as F1 2012 came out, I made a decision to try and make this a serious hobby that I would put time and real worth wild effort into. And so far, I love it and it’s paying off with a healthy subscriber base and potential to grow even more.

So what made you start running your own channel?
I was really into the usual big YouTube channels at the time of starting my channel. People like Syndicate and KSI come to mind. But as I searched YouTube for F1 2012 news, I stumbled upon a few F1 gaming channels, the biggest being IntoTheBarrier, which I am sure most in the community have heard of. And after watching these sorts of videos, I just thought to myself, “I like F1, I think I am pretty above average at the game, why not try to make videos and see if people enjoy them”, and I guess, that was it, the idea was to try and entertain people in some way or another.

When did you get into F1 and our games?

I got into Formula One around 2007, so relatively late for my generation of motorsport fans; but immediately I was hooked. And when F1 2010 came along on the PS3, I immediately got hooked to that. It became a bit of an obsession as back then, I was only 14, school wasn’t an issue, and somehow I managed to rack up doing 14 seasons on the career mode over summer. Yeah, 14; 2 cycles of the 7 season career offered. And so as I started to think about doing YouTube a bit later, F1 seemed like the perfect fit. It was an interesting sport, I was thoroughly enjoying the games Codemasters were making and it was quite a small, but growing community on YouTube.

If you could interview any F1 driver for your channel who would it be and why?

For me; it would have to be Sebastian Vettel. Now probably most who know me from the community would be surprised at that. (As I have been a huge Jenson Button fan since I started watching F1). But Vettel would be such an interesting person to interview. So many Q’s to ask come to mind, for instance, what was honestly going through his mind at Malaysia 2013, how has he kept up his motivation to keep going even after winning the title 4 times; and what he looks for when stepping into the car at that first practice of any Grand Prix. He is a four time world champion, his mind must be so geared towards winning and I think it would be fascinating to see what he is really like out of the car. And plus, I think the majority would want to watch that interview, because like him or hate him; he is a hot interest in Formula One.


 Which video are you most proud of?

Ooo, that’s a tough one. For the past 3 months I have enjoyed doing YouTube more than the whole 2 years. There have been some great videos that my subscribers have loved. And that is a big part of what I want to do. Putting a smile on people’s faces. So in terms of pride, and what I want to do on YouTube, I am probably most proud of “Survive Monaco”. It was a bundle of laughs to make and I think anyone can enjoy that type of video as it is not as hardcore as some other F1 videos I make and is more of a pure entertainment reaction comedy video.

Any new series or videos we should look out for in the future?

For sure, the biggest series on my channel at the moment is the “F1 2013 100% Race Ultra-Mod Career”. A series based on Career Mode, but with major twists such as making every race 100% to ensure every race is entertaining; installing mods such as the Realistic Damage Mod which makes it so much harder to navigate even the slowest AI cars and starting from the back each race. Along with this, I have been doing a “Let’s Talk Grand Prix” series where I try to explain and teach viewers about the real world aerodynamics of the F1 2014 cars and analyzing the new upgrades teams bring to every individual GP as we go. So some very exciting stuff to keep your evenings and weekends entertaining!

As well as your YouTube channel you also run your own F1 league, how did that start?

It all began in June 2013; after racing online for quite some time in other leagues and just for fun, I wanted to have a crack at running a league and having some control over what tracks we would race and how stewarding was done. So I created Formula Playstation, a league on the PS3. As well as running the league, I made full coverage highlights of both Season 1 (F1 2012) and Season 2 (F1 2013). Comprising of a guide to the league, qualifying comparisons, race highlights including up to 6 drivers POVs and standings updates. It was a lot of work and effort but it paid off and we had 2 successful seasons; all of which can be seen on my channel via playlists. For now the league is on a break, but there may be a small summer league in July (so keep your eyes peeled) and we plan to come back for Season 3.

 If you could describe your YouTube channel in three words, what would they be?

Entertainment, Variety, and Dedicated.

Thanks to Aarava for answering those questions for us, we look forward to checking out his future coverage across YouTube and Formula PlayStation!

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