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May 16, 2014

It’s been a few weeks since our very first Codies League Championship came to an end with Apex Online Racing taking home the inaugural Xbox 360 season. When announcing the CLC we confirmed early-on that new seasons would eventually open up to other platforms; which is why today we’re happy to announce that applications are now open for both PlayStation 3 and PC leagues!

The Codies League Championship is the ultimate spectacle of online racing that pits some of the best F1 leagues against each other for the top spot. Six leagues take part in each season by representing two of their drivers in each race. Every point the driver earns goes towards their league, the league that earns the most points (via their two drivers) wins. We’ll have a grand prize for the winner, and two runner-up prizes for 2nd and 3rd.

Although the CLC is an incredible spectacle for viewers it’s also an incredible platform for leagues to gain attention and members. Each race is streamed live on Twitch and promoted throughout all of our social channels with a post-race summary going live on the blog each week.

If you’d like to submit your PS3 or PC F1 2013 league into the Codies League Championship please fill out the following form and hit submit!

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    PlayStation 3PC

    There are currently 7 league slots available for both the PlayStation 3 and PC seasons. We’ll be revealing more info on when both of these seasons will start once the league slots have been successfully filled.

    If you have any questions feel free to fire them our way via our Codemasters and Formula 1 Game Twitter channels.

    Good luck to all those applying, we’ll be in touch soon!

    Rules and Regulations / Terms and Conditions

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