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May 28, 2020

Hey everyone,

As always, we want to kick off by sending our best wishes to everyone during these times, and we hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Our thanks and support go out once again to the entire Codemasters community, with so many of you turning to gaming and sharing your experiences with us. From screengrabs to video clips, stories to YouTube series, we love to see how you are enjoying our games!

Whilst you play, we’re continuing to design and create – and there’s plenty of news to catch up on over the last two weeks. Here’s your fortnightly dose of announcements, insight and content from Codemasters. As usual, it’s a hefty running order…


Hey there!

It’s time for another Racing Line, and have we been busy since then! Last week, we released a hot lap of Monaco in F1® 2020, ahead of the Virtual Grand Prix this weekend. We jumped on board Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri for a lap of the Circuit de Monaco in F1® 2020 – checking out some of F1® best known landmarks along the way!

If you missed it, you can watch it right here:

…and this leads us very nicely on to this past weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix!

F1® drivers, including Valtteri Bottas, Alex Albon and Antonio Giovanazzi, Despacito singer Luis Fonso and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined the grid for the most recent Virtual Grand Prix around the Circuit de Monaco in F1® 2019.

It was Haas’s Pietro Fittipaldi who took pole position in a very wet qualifying in the principality, and after a chaotic start (“no heroics into Sainte Devote, please!”), it was George Russell who took a very commanding win.

Elsewhere, in the F1® Esports Exhibition race, it was a tense few laps as (spoiler!) Racing Point’s Lucas Blakely took his debut esports win! You can catch the Virtual Grand Prix in full here.

Before we go, we also released some very pretty (if we say so ourselves) F1® 2020 screenshots. You can find all of them in our Facebook gallery right here, though we’ve picked some of our favourites below!

See you next time!

– Jenny


Let’s take stock then, shall we? We’ve *just* about calmed down from the reveal of DIRT 5 at the beginning of May. If you think you’ve missed anything, our announcement blog post covers all the info we’ve revealed so far.

We’re already set to keep you posted on pre-order details as they go live; if you’re looking to play on PC and you’ve previously played a DiRT game on Steam, there’s a 10% discount waiting for you if you pre-order the Amplified Edition. Sweet!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too – we’ve laid out our monthly feature focuses between now and DIRT 5’s launch from October. With June just around the corner, we’ll be diving deep into the game’s star-studded Career mode, breaking down all aspects of the story, progression, features, and the roles played by Troy Baker, Nolan North and others. You won’t want to miss this.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our new ‘Dishing the DIRT’ video series, which went live this week with well over 10 minutes of development team insight into the present and future of DIRT franchise, how DIRT 5 and the Rally series differ, and how our two dedicated studios are pushing the limits with dedicated off-road experiences. Get it watched!

If you want to be first to all the big DIRT 5 news, interact with fellow fans, and chat with me and other members of the team, the official DIRT 5 Discord is where you want to be.

– Chris 


We’ve been really enjoying what content creators have been uploading over the last couple weeks. Racing Ahead creators BlackPanthaa and GTR Technical have both gone down two very different routes for videos on GRID.

BlackPanthaa wanted to revisit GRID for the first time since launch, as he wrestled with the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport around Suzuka Circuit, San Francisco, and others. Head to his YouTube to check out the full video.

GTR Technical on the other hand found out that on GRID for PC, you can pretty much get any USB device working with the game in one way or another. Naturally, his first thought was to get a flight stick working. Take a look at his video to see how he got on. There’s some information over on our Forums to show how you can configure devices of all shapes and sizes to work with GRID. If anyone can complete a couple laps using a DDR mat, we’d love to see it.

Next week should see the release of a scheduled patch across all platforms, fixing some issues including the hot lap qualifying bug. Keep an eye on the official GRID Forums for all the details.


Hi everyone, here’s your usual Rally update:

World RX Esports Invitational Series – After the success of the first two Invitationals, World RX have set up four more to take part over the coming months. This weekend we’re off to Yas Marina, June sees us visit Norway and Sweden, and in July we’re off to South Africa. Following all that real-world racing should hopefully kick off again! Head to the World RX pages for driver announcements and livestreams this Sunday, they always deliver great action.

The Solberg World Cup – We’re in the home stretch with Oliver Solberg’s big DiRT Rally 2.0 Club Championship, as over 16,000 competitors tackle Finland and Wales. Last time out it was the tree-lined roads of New England, USA, which are as deadly as they are beautiful. I’ve been doing well in the World Cup so far, but here was where I had my first big failing, a DNF on the first Stage. It was a shock to say the least, but looking back at my run I realised I was driving too impatiently after the puncture, and it snowballed from there.

I wasn’t alone however, rally legend Petter Solberg also crashed out, and from what the top players have been telling me, this was the toughest rally so far as everyone’s pushing for that top spot. Here’s what Oliver had to say about it all, read the report here:

“Those are some of my favourite roads. They flow so nicely and you can really have a lot of fun in them. It was nice to be leading for a while, but I knew some of the other guys would come past – they are so fast! I’ve got to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed not to make the top 10 on this one. In the practice things went really well and I actually own some of the records for some of these stages, but I had some small issues in the rally. Now I have to focus more to Finland. If we thought the New England Rally was fast then the next round’s going to get even quicker.

Car of the Week – A new video series kicked off last week, where we look at some of the standout cars from DiRT Rally 2.0. Every week we’ll put a car in the spotlight, share some interesting facts, and show the machine in action. It’s been fun to put these together, and to get behind the wheel of some cars I don’t typically use on a regular basis. The Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 is an absolute monster, and the Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec has an addictive noise.

Before I sign off, here’s a fun challenge if you’re brave enough. Head to Paskuuri, Finland, in the Audi Sport quattro S1 E2, and try to go from the start to the “Yellow House Jump” without ever lifting off the throttle. There’s about 17 jumps between those two points, in what is the single scariest stretch of road in the entire game. How scary is it? After my run I’m still having flashbacks!

That’ll do it for me today, catch you all again soon,

– PJ



Ready to play? The much-anticipated 2020 Season Update for F1® Mobile Racing is now live on iOS and Android! The new update adds the official cars, drivers and race helmets, along with the addition of Circuit Zandvoort! Hanoi Circuit is also on the way, as part of a separate free update very soon. New GP Events and a revamped handling system, based on community feedback, is also included in the new update.

That takes F1® Mobile Racing into its third real-world season, with the free-to-play handheld title stronger than ever, filled with fresh events, new challenges, updated gameplay and handling systems, and so much more. It’s been an awesome journey with over 18 million global downloads, and the pace just keeps getting quicker! Make sure to read up on everything included in the 2020 Season Update, available now, by checking out our blog post.

– Chris


– We’ve just revealed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming Fast & Furious Crossroads, as well as an updated release date of August 7th, 2020. Head to the Codies News site for a link to the trailer and more information about the star-studded game, developed by Slightly Mad Studios.

– Thank you to everyone who spoke with us and shared their stories during Mental Health Awareness Week. Through Codemasters channels we asked our community to spread positive vibes through their experiences with our games. Make sure to check out our posts around this for both some amazing stories, and some important links and advice for anyone wanting to discuss their mental health with official organisations confidentially. Again: thank you.

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