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May 9, 2014

Another busy few days here at Codemasters and we have loads going on: we held our first Community Media day, the GRID team are working through the night to make GRID Autosport extra awesome, bunnies are hopping on the lawn and there is caramel and chocolate covered shortbread on the biscuit table. It’s been a good week.

GRID Autosport

Another week brings another stack of details on GRID Autosport, here’s a recap of all the latest news.

panorama_yas_01The VFX of Yas Marina

For anyone who’s been to a motorsport event, one thing that is very clear is the sights, smells and atmosphere around the track. Something we pride ourselves on here at Codemasters is the ability to bring our tracks and environments to life.

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Autosport_Supported_Wheels_ControllersGRID Autosport Supported Wheels

Since we announced GRID Autosport one of the most common questions that’s been popping up has been in relation to wheel and controller support. We’re pleased to confirm the full list of supported wheels and controllers, for all platforms here; PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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sanfran_02The Damage of GRID Autosport

With GRID Autosport going for a more authentic feel, we’ve added several new features to our mechanical damage, as well as improving existing features. As a result of this, the impact of mechanical damage in the game is much more severe than in previous GRID titles.

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slsThe Black Edition

One of the key bits of feedback we took from GRID 2 was that you didn’t care for a wide spread of pre-order bonuses, you wanted something more simple, tracks were a no-go and most importantly, you wanted something that wouldn’t fragment the Community itself…

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@gridgame Tweet of the Week

Formula 1

Hooray, the F1 is back on this weekend! Can Rosberg and Hamilton hold their position at the top of the table this season or will we see somebody else rise through the ranks? If you want to keep up with the news from the race be sure to follow Formula1game on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

@Formula1game Tweet of the Week.

F1 2013 RaceNet Event

This week, F1 2013 owners will be able to prove their worth in this week’s RaceNet event in Catalunya. To take part, simply fire up F1 2013 and select the RaceNet event from the My F1 menu.



Last week’s DiRT Rally Championship got off to a flying start and was pretty close at the top but congratulations are in order for StuntmanMike24 who finished ahead of the field with a total time of 7:24.483. The next round is now live and it’s time for a safari!


@dirtgame Tweet of the Week

We had the caption, we had the photo, but the timing was never quite right. Then it was May 4th and it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Forum Threads of the Week
Screenshot of the Week

Imperial Watch gets this week’s honour, we’re calling this one “Jungle Run”


Video of the Week

We love this massive compilation from the Apex Online Racing F1 League featuring highlights from their seventh season.

Tweet of the Week

We love it when the old games crop up.

Another jam-packed week coming up with more info on GRID Autosport including track reveals and multiplayer information. We’ll also have our first community spotlight taking a look at one of the leagues who love our games.

Have a good weekend!

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