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May 16, 2014

This week, Dave the Chef baked everybody some delicious treats only to have a good proportion of the company’s employees break into “civil war” of the creamy and jammy variety; it was north vs south and east vs west, leaving some of our international employees wondering “what are these weird English people fighting over?”

That’s right, this week all hell broke loose in the Scon vs Scone battle and before any cream was shed, it was decided to take the argument to the only place it could be fairly resolved. Twitter. After something of a hashtag frenzy, with a whopping 72 percent of the votes, #TeamScone took the victory… Argument settled, let’s get on with the games.

GRID Autosport

Another solid week of GRID Autosport news including the full reveal of the Touring Car discipline and a stack of info on multiplayer.

discipline-progressionOnline Discipline Progression & Game Modes

Today we’re looking at the online multiplayer side of GRID Autosport. It’s something we’ve invested a huge amount of time in and we think you’ll get a lot out of it. We want you to have a similar long-game experience as in some of the best online shooters where you’re always progressing, upgrading and building up your experience.

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hock_03Discipline Focus // Touring

Touring Cars are back. We love them. You love them. And you’ve definitely let us know you love them! So, at the top of the ‘GRID Autosport’ ideas list we had when we were coming up with the game was TOURING CARS. And yes, that’s right, we broke out the CAPS. We don’t usually like to shout, but it seemed appropriate.

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jarama_01Jarama // Summertime Racing

There are some circuits that stick with you, the perfect blend of technical curves and flat out straights, easy to learn but hard to tame. When I think of the all the hours I spent playing Race Driver: GRID, the Touring Cars round Jarama is definitely one of the highlights.

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Formula 1

By popular demand we are now pleased to announce that the Codies League Championship is back and we’re now looking for PlayStation 3 and PC players to join us and prove they have what it takes to be crowned kings (and queens!) of the online leagues.

You’ll find more information and details of how to sign up here.


This week also saw our inaugural Community Spotlight which takes a look at Vortex Racing Leagues. If you think yourself some kind of digital Nico Rosberg, or if you’d just like to join up and play online with a bunch of like-minded gamers check out our interview with them here.


Great news! The DiRT Rally Team Subaru is back from the shop and in the optimistic words of DiRT Project Manager and DiRT Rally Team Driver, Jon Tucker, “yeahhh she could do a rally now”.


Round 3 of the DiRT Rally Championship started this week and we’re off to Michigan for the Wolverine Rally. If you’d like to take part but missed the first two rounds don’t worry we’re still accepting entries and you have until midnight on Tuesday to submit your time.

Digging around in the vault we found some pretty interesting stuff from the development of our older games. We’re not sure if they had ever been shared before but here is one of the first, an exploded car view of the Subaru from Colin McRae DiRT.

Don’t know about you but that makes us want to break out the Tamiya model kits!

Tweet of the Week

Pretty sure we’ve featured @knight01rider in the past but he shared a photo of his lunch the other day and it was quite possibly the single most impressive sandwich we have ever seen.

Screenshot of the week

It took us a while to sift through Miha’s 2,500 screenshots (all of which are awesome), but this one really stands out and is this week’s screenshot of the week.


Video of the week

We would normally use one of your videos here we know but this video we found on Jalopnik of the most adorable car jump ever seemed too cute to let pass:

Forum Threads of the Week

That’s your lot for this week’s update, we’ll be back next week with more Codies news and gossip, (so long as another civil war hasn’t broken out).

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