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May 26, 2017


Hello, and welcome to another DiRT 4 Road Book! It’s been an absolutely crazy few weeks at head office, but OH MY GOSH are we excited for the next couple of weeks. There are only two weeks until DiRT 4 is released globally. Two weeks!


You may have also noticed that we’ve now officially moved the blog onto the wonderful and beautiful www.dirt4game.com. A huge shout out goes to our web team and our IT guys for getting this up and running and being so good-looking – you guys have done a stellar job, and it’s so lovely to see everything for DiRT 4 starting to align. But here we are, so please – take a look around, get comfortable, see what we’ve got on the site… and then wait just a little bit longer, as we’ve got plenty more fun and functionality coming to the site in the coming weeks and months. :)

So without any further ado – let’s crack on with what we’ve had going on this week!

DiRT 4 at Lydden RX

Right now as I live and type, we’re setting up for an awesome weekend at Lydden Hill. The sun is shining, things are awesome, and our brand new truck is beautiful. Oh yeah, did we mention that we have a truck now?


If you’re heading to Lydden RX for the FIA World Rallycross Championship action this week, then don’t forget to stop by – as loaded onto that truck we have a load of wheels and pods for people to play the game. We might even have some fancy new DiRT 4 merchandise… And no excuses for not coming to see us – now we have a massive truck, you literally can’t miss us! ;)

All the videos!

Last week was a very busy time in the video department, as we had both a brand new gameplay trailer and an hour long livestream of DiRT 4. For those of you who won’t be at Lydden this weekend, don’t worry – you can get your rallycross fix in our latest trailer:

And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also did a our surprise livestream last Friday! Remember when we sprung a live DiRT Show on you in last week’s Road Book? Well, you can catch up with it here:

A huge thanks to all of you who tuned in and sent questions over – it’s been a while since we’ve done a live DiRT Show, and it felt awesome to be back in front of the camera and talking to guys in real time. Alas, we know the video’s currently at 360p thanks to some very odd compression issues, which isn’t ideal – but we’re working on getting a better quality version up for you on our channel soon. :)

And if you’ve been stalking us all on Twitter, you’ll have seen that we may or may not have recorded another DiRT Show this week! This one’s a pretty special one – we’ve gone behind the scenes here at Codemasters HQ to show you how exactly a game like this is made. Spoiler alert: it’s an incredible process… But I won’t tell you too much about it – you’ll have just have to tune in next week when it’s live. :)

Our supported peripherals list

Last week we released our initial supported peripherals list, and a lot of you seemed very happy with the official support we’re offering – so that’s awesome. We did however get a few questions in about Fanatec support, which we’d like to take a moment and clarify the situation on. We know you guys spend a lot of money, time and care on your set-ups – so we just wanted to offer you some detail as to why Fanatec support isn’t currently there for PS4.

As per Fanatec’s website, they recently signed an agreement to develop a licensed racing wheel for PlayStation 4. However, as part of that deal, they’ve been unable to make previous wheel bases compatible with PS4 – and so we’re unable to offer support to their older peripherals due to this. We know it’s disappointing for a lot of you who own Fanatec peripherals – but we will however continue to monitor what products they have on the market, and if a suitable wheel for PS4 does arrive, we’ll do our best to support it.

You can read about this on Fanatec’s forums here: https://www.fanatec.com/forum/index.php?p=discussion/187/playstation-compatibility/p1

IGN DiRT 4 Driving School

So, remember that viral IGN video from last year where a guy called Cisco bossed DiRT Rally VR, while his colleagues crumbled under the pressure? If you don’t remember it, here’s a little refresher:

Well, he’s back! And he’s teaching the slightly rubbish colleagues that featured in that first video to git gud. You can catch the first episode of IGN’s DiRT 4 Driving School, where Cisco takes them through the fundamentals of rally racing:

Of course, with the teaching comes some shiny new capture – so there’s a multitude of wonderful reasons to watch it.


Right – we’re going to leave it there so we can get on with enjoying Lydden Hill in the sunshine. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition, and we’ll see you back here next week!

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